Friday, April 2, 2010

All quiet on the Job Hunt

I didn't receive a response today in regards to the job with the Kids' center. The background check turned out to be very intrusive. They contacted all of my previous employers and even asked for a family member and friend to serve as character references. My best friend couldn't get back to them on time because she was on a different time schedule so I had to supply them with another friend's contact info which delayed the process.

The second interview went by very well. I was there for an hour and a half- an improvement from the previous 3 hour interview one week earlier. We've yet to discuss wages and benefits, but I've already gone over my salary expectations, so they know what I'm looking for. I got a tour of the center which truly amazed me. I was already daydreaming on moving up to the third floor where I would get a beautiful, bright view of downtown. I met with their CFO and we engaged in a very casual conversation talking about myself and previous work experience.

Once back in his office, my interviewer (which would be my direct boss) wanted to test out my English and grammar skills and made me type a fake letter. Although he admitted he would have used different words, I told him it was difficult for me to write a letter to a person if I didn't know their relationship. He stopped me mid-sentence and said "Don't worry. I understand. You don't need to apologize. This will do." As he walked me out, he reassured me they would be calling me back by the end of the week (which didn't happen because of the references delay) and asked me if I got the job, who I would be telling first.

"My dad" I answered.

"Well you can tell your dad that my boss was very impressed with you" he said.

Oh please please pleeeease! 

I've been reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol which has helped keep my mind occupied for a few hours at a time. I'm spending the next few nights at my mom's taking care of my sisters while she's at work. I managed to go to the thrift store earlier this week to buy some really nice suit jackets and dress shirts that I'd been needing and ended up spending $20 in all. I get a 20% discount on Sunday, so I'll be returning to that jungle to buy the rest of my "work" clothes such as slacks, and more button down shirts for the "new" job that I don't "yet" have.

I later went to WalMart to buy an iron and ironing board and proceeded to spend all of Wednesday at my apartment ironing all of my clothes. I didn't finish and left a mess in my bedroom and have yet to finish the other half. I also decided to try out a simple recipe making Empanadas de Pino, a traditional Chilean minced meat "pie." I don't know how to cook, so when my mom told my dad that I had baked empanadas, he was actually very surprised and congratulated me. It actually made my day. I don't cook, but I love to bake.

Things on the dating front are very much dead. My profile on POF is still hidden, but I've favorited some guys for "future use." I haven't yet made contact because I promised myself I wouldn't until I had a job secure. I don't want to lose focus and begin dating without a job. I get side tracked very easily.

To my readers, I'm sorry my material has been a bit dull, but it's mainly due to my current state of mood. I'm not doing much right now, and things after a breakup are always particularly tough. A month had gone by before I'd met Sebastian before the last guy I'd dated. It wasn't serious or anything, but it was my first rejection, so it took me a while to get over it. I'm pretty sure my attitude and optimism will rise again once I start dating. I do much better with a partner, and I'm looking forward to the wacky experience again.

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  1. Don't apologize! It's life, moods will always be changing. If the mood was always the same, then it would be dull.