About Me

I'm a  late 1984 kid, who has been living on her own since she was 24- in a tiny apartment, in the most perfect neighborhood of West Houston. I had a hard time letting go of Mom and Dad, but once I stepped out on my own, I never once regretted it or even thought to go back.

At the time of my test of independence, I was in an "unstable" relationship with a divorcé who was only two years older than me. During our one year relationship, Sebastian garnered the affection of my followers, mainly because he had commitment issues and was incredibly brazen and arrogant- think "Mr. Big" from SATC

I'm currently on an infinite break from school, and ready to start my junior year at the University of Houston, fall 2011 who knows when. In the meantime, I work full time at a non-profit organization, dealing with everything from adjusting the temperature in your office to securing bids for property improvements. I love it.

I also date on a monthly basis, meeting all the right guys on paper line, but not seeing anything progress or turn serious after a two-week period. Only a select few have been moved to the "friend's zone" with no potential possibilities of turning serious.

I'm an avid fan of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and attempt to catch a few shows during the year.

I'm in no rush of getting married or having kids, but I'd like to imagine that the possibility could exist in my future.

Sweet Kisses,