Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don't think I've ever been this embarassed

I went to visit my cousin's facebook page to leave him a birthday wish. I didn't expect him to reply, and when he did, I decided to visit some of his pictures. It looked like he'd gotten bit by the travelling bug also because he had a photo album of a trip to Korea.

I started browsing and came across a picture of a young guy in one of the thumbnails and clicked on it. He was pretty attractive. So I went and left "Wowwww. Where can I get me one of those?" as a comment.

I continued browsing the rest of the pictures, looking at the other people, all the while wondering what my cousin was doing in Korea and who these strangers were. It appeared that he was a guide or a chaperone because all the young people were wearing white tshirts, like part of a group. Then I noticed the smiles. And the faces. And I came across another picture of the cute guy where he was waving.

And I noticed the fingers. Small and stubby.

Oh shit. I just made a "hot compliment" to a mentally disabled person.

Oh damn.

I rushed to the original picture to delete my comment and pray that my cousin hadn't seen it.

A few days later, my cousin came back with and left "what were you talking about???" on my wall.

Apparently, he had received an email notification that I'd left a comment on the picture. So even though the comment was no longer on the original picture, he'd still read it in his inbox.

I turned red as a tomato.

I didn't have the balls to answer.