Sunday, November 1, 2009

He wants to move

Sebastian lives 30 miles from me. It doesn't seem like a lot, but I know he's not 10 minutes away. Usually, it takes me about 40 minutes to get to his place. And when done 2-3 times a week, it adds up on my gas costs.

As I was talking to Sebastian one night, I told him "I wish you didn't live so far! It takes forever to get to your place. I love my area. I've got Walmart, Target, Randall's, HEB, (2 grocery stores) and CVS and Walgreens within ONE block of my apartment, you know that!"

"I knoooow........" he said "whiningly". "Ok, I guess I'll move out once my lease expires and my job moves back into downtown. There really won't be a reason to be all the way up North."

After Hurricane Ike in September 2008, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank moved some of their departments from downtown into the North after the building on Main Street sustained heavy damage against the Category 1 hurricane. One year later, and they are still at their offsite.

Sebastian continued saying "And who knows, maybe I'll even move into your complex and then we'll be thisclose. Your apartment is sooooo much better than mine."

Or we could move in together........

I thought about the prospect. One master bedroom and an extra room to accomodate our stuff. It would definitely save us on rent right?

I quietly mulled it over but didn't say anything out loud. I feel that as soon as I inquire about something that is very beneficial and positive to me, it turns out to be a complete negative pull for him.

We spend most of our weekends together now, and if we didn't live so far from each other, we could possibly see each other more often; even if he does go to the gym during the week, I could still spend time at his place doing some writing until he comes back that night.....

He has even suggested we work out together.

And this morning, I found myself thinking about it again, just to kill time.

Then I realized, No. It would most likely not happen. While I enjoy his company, and he enjoys mine (or at least I hope he does!) I can't help but feel a little anxiety to know that the freedom would be gone if we lived together. I would no longer be able to leave late at night at a moment's notice. In my opinion, there'd be boundaries, and certain rules that must be set prior to moving in.

However, I don't feel like I'd be the nagging one. Even if we  happened to turn into an exclusive item some day, it wouldn't bother me to clean up after the both of us. It's actually relaxing to me, almost therapeutic.

Hmmm.... interesting thought....... I guess we'll cross that bridge if we ever get to that canal.

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