Saturday, October 31, 2009

The psychic on the radio

I listen to Roula & Ryan on 104.1 KRBE, in Houston. In the spirit of Halloween, the radio station decided to bring in a "medium" to give two callers a free reading.

Now, ask me 5 years ago, and I would have been sold on the idea; I would have called in the hopes of finding an answer or a reason to my life. Who doesn't remember Miss Cleo and her free readings!

I only had time to listen to the first call, but it was enough to amuse me.

The first caller had unfortunately lost her brother 2 years ago to a suicide attempt, or success rather. I immediately felt compassion but also pity to hear her subjecting herself to a psychic. The caller wanted to know why her brother had let go and ended his life.

The medium quickly started her reading by stating "I'm getting a 'T' connection to your brother. This could be anything- the name Tim, Timmy or Tommy......?"

No asnwer from the caller.

The medium continued: "This suicide was premeditated. This wasn't his first attempt, and I get a sense that he was worried about surviving the attempt. He thought "what would happen if I survived this?"'

The caller must have felt the medium was full of it because she responded with "I don't understand. How could this be? The way he killed himself, there's no way he could have survived."

It was obvious here that the medium couldn't ask the caller how the brother had died, so the radio host tried to get the caller to shine some light as to how it had happened.

The medium continued by saying "He had a very personal problem, he couldn't talk about it to his best friend, his siblings or family. But he's in a good place now. He's doing fine."

She added "A lot of people feel that people who commit suicide go into a bad place, but as I've done these readings, it's not always true. There are a lot of cases where the spirit will be happy. "

"I'm also seeing mountains and water" the medium added.

At this point, I think the caller pitied her and said that her brother lived in Florida for a while and used to ride his motorcycle at the beach.

"Well then that's where the mountains are coming from!"  said the medium. (Does Florida even have cliffs by the beach??)

The caller finally admitted that her brother had put a gun to his temple and pulled the trigger, resulting in immediate death.

Which lead to strenghtening my opinion on fortune telling, tarot card readings and horoscopes. It's all a bunch of vague generalities that can apply to everyone.

So what did the medium know?

  1. The suicide was premeditated.
    • When was a suicide not premeditated??
  2. The brother had a problem he couldn't talk to anyone about.
    • Well duh. If he could have talked to someone, I'm tempted to say he wouldn't have committed suicide.
  3. Fear of surviving the attempt.
    • Isn't that a little vague? Plus, the caller told her afterwards that this was not possible as he had shot himself in the head. Therefore eliminating any possibilities for survival.
That and the "T" connection was never clarified.

My sister had a session about 2 years ago. The reader told her that she would soon be "expecting" and move in with a guy she was in an open relationship with at the time.

To date, she is still single and childless.

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  1. Yeah, I thought that Miss Cleo was sued for being a fraud?

    That stuff can be entertaining but definitely not reliable. Sadly people are just that gullible.