Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Roses

 This story occurred during the previous entry, Plan B.

Sebastian came home after work, with a small bouquet of roses. The first one he got me was on our second date almost 9 months ago. It was 3 roses;  he was the first guy to EVER get me roses so I was happy to swoon over him.

 This time though, I'm completely shocked and numbingly ask him "Am I seeing this right, or am I just really drunk? Will they still be there tomorrow?" Again he laughs as I continue to giggle.

"4 flowers. Hey, maybe next time I'll get my dozen" I mention.

"Hey now. Don't be picky" he said.

"Oh no- I didn't mean it that way. I just meant, if there was a next time, it could be 5. Like, 3 for the last time, 4 this time, and 5 the next time, and I'd dry them out and make a dozen" I explained.

"Oh, hmmm, nice," he said.

I continued staring at them, all the while wondering why he brought me flowers. So I ask,

"Wait- did you buy these flowers before or after I talked to you drunk?"

He laughs and says "After."

"So..... why did you buy them?"

"Just because. I thought it would be nice" he responds.

"Oh... ok" I quietly add.

A few hours later, as the alcohol is slowly wearing off, I start planning my excuse for bringing the flowers to my work the following morning.

"I feel it's tacky to bring flowers into work. Like.... you're showing them off or something, know what I mean?"

"Yeah. So what? Do you want me to bring them to you?" he asks

"Don't be silly. No... I just have to think of something. I mean.... I can't say I got them tonight and had to take them with me, because then that would make it obvious to everyone that I slept at your place."

"Well, just say that your boyfriend got them for you and you wanted to bring them in" he says.

"No........ Maybe I can say I spent the night at my mom's and you dropped them off there. Wait, no. Not believable."

"Then say that I left them in your car" he said.

Wait a second. Rewind! Did he just say boyfriend? That does not make sense. Crap! I had lost my window of opportunity to clarify. Did he just refer to himself as my boyfriend?

I can't ask now without adding too much emphasis on the situation. I wonder what he meant. Maybe he was speaking in general. Flowers=boyfriend. Hmmmm.... I don't know. I don't want to give it much thought. I want to enjoy the peace.

The next day, the vase nearly broke as it rolled off my car when I was trying to get into it. Luckily I caught it with my hand, and saved it. Once at work, I slipped right on by the lobby but not before being questioned by my receptionist.

"Well well well! What do we have there?! Who is it from??" she asked

I realize now that I gave her a smug look (which in my defense felt like an embarassed look) and said "My friend...." and continued walking to my desk.

"Aww...... how sweet!" she said as she placed her hands on her heart.

Once in my work area, I discreetly placed the vase beside my monitor where it wouldn't catch so much attention. No one noticed. Not even my colleague who sits behind me.

It wasn't until after lunch that my boss clearly announced while everyone was in my area:

"Oooooh, what pretty flowers!!! Whose are they? Who gave them to you??" she said.

I didn't dare respond as 3 other people jumped into the conversation asking me who was the guy lucky enough to send me roses. Since they all trailed off into their own assumptions, I didn't bother to answer anything. My direct colleague was surprised as well and when the frenzy had died down discreetly asked me "So who sent you the flowers?"

"Sebastian" I replied.

"Ah hah.... so you guys are... eh.... back together?" he said.

"Oh, I don't know." I responded

"What do you mean? Aren't you guys on good terms?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, of course. Things are great. I just don't know about that aspect of the relationship......" I said.


  1. well it is tricky to leave a comment - you have to figure out to click on the NUMBER beside the word comment. i almost gave up! shew. now that THAT'S over ...

    reading this makes me want to squeeze you and tell you ALL MEN ARE IDIOTS and DON'T EVER GET MARRIED and CHILDREN ARE OVERRATED just LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU and BE HAPPY

    but that would be completely irrational

    never mind completely truthful!

    from an old rip who's seen it all :) found you from steph in the city