Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween is upon us

This past weekend was spent lounging around indoors. It was very relaxing. After work on friday, I proceeded to go to my mom's to accompany my sisters and grandma to their school carnival. It was tiring, humid and boring. The only fun part I had was riding a lap on a Barbie horse. After the carnival, I took the girls to McDonald's so they could get some "dinner." 
I had already messaged Sebastian earlier that day and told him of a midnight showing of a movie I was interested in seeing. He said he was willing to come, and I told him to pack his bag and that he was staying at my place for the weekend.

He showed up at my place with a rice pot and stir fry in tow. We ate dinner, took a short nap and went to the local theater to watch the limited release of Parnormal Activity. It was great. I haven't looked forward to a  movie in a very long time. And even though the movie was a bit slow paced, it only got better as it continued. That night I went back home still shaking.

The following day we awoke fairly late and had a very filling breakfast- eggs, hot dogs, mushrooms and smoothie. BEG texted me asking how my day was going, to which I simply replied "At home. How are you?" Sebastian and I had planned to go to the Greek Festival that day and enjoy the festivities. However, it was soon aparent that the Houston weather wasn't going to let us have any of it as it continued to rain the entire afternoon.

 We decided to head out to the mall instead for a sale at XXI (Forever 21), but realized it was too late and the mall would be closing within the hour. I was feeling pretty bummed out, but I didn't want to stay couped up indoors for the rest of the night. Seeing the disappointed look on my face, Sebastian asked me what I wanted to do. I asked him if he wouldn't mind going grocery shopping with me, to which he enthusiastically answered "Sure! I need to do some shopping myself also."

We drove around the corner to HEB and spent 1 1/2 hours slowly browsing. We took our sweet ass time. At one point, Sebastian asked me what I wanted to have for dinner on Sunday, which took me about 30 minutes to decide. It was hard to narrow it down since I had a full stomach and not thinking of food at the moment. I finally settled on shrimp, rice and vegetables. Seeing as to how I didn't have any seasonings and flavors at my place, Sebastian decided we take all the food to his place and have dinner there instead.

I looked through my coupon book and started "sifting" through the tabs to find the things that I needed, then noticed that they didn't have everything. I suggested we finish there and head over to Wal Mart to get the rest- which just so happens to be next door also. I got the rest of my groceries and went back home. We finally got home around 11:30 and started putting the groceries away. We snacked on some crackers, watched some TV and went to bed.

On sunday morning, I awoke to hear a beep from a text message on my phone. It was BEG. It appeared to have been a mass text asking "Anyone want to go black light putt putt?" I ignored it and didn't message back. Sebastian and I lazily got out of bed and had mimosas for breakfast along with cereal, mushrooms and toast. I had planned to go to the mall then to take advantage of the sale, until Sebastian told me the sale was only up to the previous day. I decided to do laundry as Sebastian continued reading his book. I finished up my chores, and we drove to his place where I would spend the night.

Once home, we finally got on the topic of Halloween and decided to narrow down a costume set. We came across Beetlejuice and Lydia, and Spy Vs. Spy. We loved both sets, but figured it'd be more appropriate to do Beetlejuice. I'm really interested in doing the Spies, but would have more fun doing the other.

I came across some  photos of other users and saw these two designs:

I personally love the red dress and think it'd be much funner to play dressup and easier to show off who I'm supposed to be since Beetlejuice's costume is evident, but I think it'd be much easier to create the black dress- I already have one like it. Sebastian preferred the black dress as well.

Spy Vs. Spy looks like so much fun, however, a bit uncomfortable with the mask.

Sebastian said we'd work on our costumes this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it!

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  1. I think the black dress is more reminiscent of the movie. If I saw that, I'd immediately think of the Winona Ryder character. I wouldn't know what to make of you if I saw you in the red dress and he weren't nearby.