Monday, November 9, 2009

Cellulite, Spider Veins and Saggy Boobs

They all come with age. Or at least I want to assume they do.
Man, I feel sooooo bad for the women who have all of the following:

During recent years, I've noticed my mom has been showing more spider veins. She's 51 now, and I think a lot of has to do with how much problems she's had with her legs. She's had countless operations on her knees, and she's never been 100% perfect. She's always complained about the pain she feels, and she hasn't been able to run or exercise much since she was in her twenties.

I can understand her problem because I haven't been able to run since I was 20- when I tripped over a water hose in my backyard and landed on both of my knees. Luckily I didn't break them, but I've had pins and needles sensations since then. I can no longer squat or sit on my knees. I get a sharp sensation when I do.

After visiting a doctor, he told me that I had pain in my knees due to my anatomy. My legs bent inward. My dad was still convinced that it was due to me being overweight.

The other day, Sebastian made my day by saying  "You don't have cellulite on you. My ex-wife had it pretty bad"- Which lead me to believe that cellulite was not related to weight gain.

Now, if I squeeze hard enough, I do show signs:

But let's face it- I'm not going to squeeze for fun. Aparently, cellulite can be considered to be related to genetics as well as race. And dieting and exercise can make it better or worse. From what I can remember, my mom doesn't have it. She looks pretty damn good in a bathing suit. I'm very jealous.

Seeing all that makes me want to hit my ass to the gym even faster.


  1. Wha?? Diet and exercise can make cellulite worse? Can't win, can we? And is that saggy boob picture Lindsay Lohan?? So many questions...

  2. Yes, sadly, that would be the Hot Lindsay Lohan.

  3. Few years back, I used to be overweight and chubby. But when I lost 50lbs, I've gained more cellulite and my breasts are sagging now. Honestly, they look less appealing than I've ever expected. So I'm planning to go to a surgeon, and see if he can make my breasts look fuller.

  4. Aparently, cellulite is considered to be related to genetics and race. And dieting and exercise can do better or worse. This is really great information.