Friday, November 13, 2009

Put on weight and it's over

Sebastian has been asking me if I want to go work out with him (twice a week) at his gym. Though it sounds like a nice "couples thing" to do, I wouldn't drive 30 miles to work out at the gym he goes to when I have two branches within 1.5 miles (2.4km) from my apartment. No joke. That's what's great about Houston. Franchises pop up everywhere.

Earlier last week, I told him I had put on weight, and not just to try it out. I went up 8lbs (3.6kg) since I moved out. My pants are starting to fit too snuggly, and I can't button a few other tighter pants. I've had constant headaches for almost two weeks now. The pill popping does not work.

It's not that I've been eating junk food. No. I don't do that. I've just been eating a restaurants non-stop because I haven't been cooking at my place. Sebastian will take me out to eat at least once on a weeknight, and we'll end up eating at restaurants on the weekends. And then I eat out for lunch at a Colombian restaurant at least once a week. And those portions are big, and I usually finish it all.

That- and I don't exercise one bit.

Then one day, while we were driving, we saw a girl on the side of the street comparable to this:

"If you look like that, I'm sorry but it's over Ren" said Sebastian

"I wouldn't blame you" I answered to him telling myself that I'd never let myself go that far; However, a faint bell rang in my head.

This guy means business. He's giving me an ultimatum. Shape up, or ship out.

Then earlier this week, the bell started ringing louder. I get out of breath, and my blood starts pumping hard just getting up to the third floor of my apartment. I went bra shopping yesterday and was completely disappointed that I could no longer fit into my 36D anymore. I went up a cup and a band size.

Godmanit! It's time to lose the "lazy fat."
I want to try that fruit and veggies diet the pill popping officer did for two weeks, but without the pills. I know I'll have headaches from hunger, but I know I need to regulate my diet for the best. I know I'll never be thin like this. Let's face it, I don't even dream of myself looking like that. But I am totally digging the Kim Kardashian look. I just don't have her ass, but that's okay.


  1. I put on weight when I was married...and lost it, thanks to Weight Watchers. You CAN still eat out and lose's about choosing grilled instead of fried...chicken instead of burgers, that sort of thing. I'm the queen of grilled chicken sandwich and baked potato at restaurants. (I usually don't eat the bun on the sandwich...but it's cheaper to order it as a sandwich and eat it without the bun than to get a grilled chicken platter usually.) Salads suck...but I'll do that too if I have to. Small portions...I'll even order off the kids' menu sometimes. A backyard burger kids' burger is actually not bad at all.

  2. Nice post. No doubt he WILL dump you if you end up like fatty above, though you know certain types of men like big girls. In fact, REALLY fat women can make a good buck just by sitting down...

  3. I like my women with some meat on their bones...

    ... I also have a "special" workout guaranteed to burn the calories.

    Who needs a gym?

  4. I need to start doing leg-lifts and leveraging some dumbbells toward my chest, I am getting fat!

    Do you hate it too?
    "If you're going through Hell, keep going."