Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are all the men here?

I got a text from the Gorgeous Guy  last Friday; he's a guy I went on a couple of dates with late this summer. After the third date, I never heard back from him and it didn't bother me because I had realized we didn't have anything in common. He was a party animal with a PhD in Engineering, and we just didn't really connect. Conversations were a bit painful, but when I heard from him again, I couldn't help but think if he had the right number.

See, that's what I do. When a guy texts me out of the blue, months after we've last spoken, I always think "Did he text the right number? We haven't spoken in ages!"

So I'll reply, just to say hello, thinking it's one of those mass texts. But then a reply comes back, and it's obvious the person remembers you.

At the time, I was talking to Sebastian who was on his way over to my place for the weekend. I get Gorgeous Guy's text asking me how my evening is going, and I respond saying "Long time no hear. Staying Home. I'm sick."

He ends up calling me on my personal cell as I'm talking to Sebastian on my work cell; I don't answer. So he sends me another text asking me to pick up, but I respond saying that I can't because I'm on the other line. A few minutes later, I let Sebastian go and call my Gorgeous Guy back.

We talk for about 15 minutes, and he fills me in on some of the things he's been doing since this summer. "Travelling. I went to Qatar for a few weeks"

I forgot that he was a traveller. I guess that's the only similarity we actually share. He tells me of his plans for Halloween the next night, and I tell him I'm going to midtown for a pub crawl. Since he lives in the area, he tells me to text him to let him know where I'll be to meet up.

I never did. I was so sick that night that Sebastian and I went back home around midnight.

The next day on Sunday, I notice his missed call, but don't call back because I'm still hanging out with Sebastian. I know it may be bad for me to "ignore" call backs when we're together, but I don't feel comfortable having a conversation within ear shot of Sebastian with some guy I dated "recently."

So earlier this week, he messages me on facebook asking how my Halloween was, and he shows me a picture of what he was.

Nice. Considering the guy has a spectacular physique.

Then he mentions that there is a "Huge super important dynamo game on Sunday! You should come to it!"

Hmmm..... nah. I mean, the first game we went to was actually pretty fun, but I'm not a big soccer fan. I don't believe in spending money for something I'm not really into. That's like telling someone to spend $40 for a David Guetta concert when they don't listen to Electro house.

Actually, that would be Sebastian. We're going to one of his concerts in 2 weeks. I'm excited about that. And the only reason why Sebastian is going is because I'm going, and he's very open to new things.

Then yesterday, one of my UPS reps came over. The guy I had a crush on for about 6 months, with which we kept rescheduling dates because we always planned them too far out, stopped by unexpectedly at my office yesterday to "say hi."

Damnit! Why couldn't these guys come by sooner!

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