Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm in an open relationship- part 2

When I didn't hear back from the gorgeous guy in the days following, I set him aside and felt nothing more would come of it. I was ok with being Sebastian's side-girl, because I was still getting mine.

However, a few days later, gorgeous guy texted to see how my week was going. I was mortified. He wasn't supposed to contact me! We were supposed to have a bad date and move on! What was he doing writing out of nowhere?

So for the next few days, we messaged back and forth. I was getting a little nervous because I was slowly approaching my texting limit for the month. The next day, I found out my company offered me an unlimited plan on my business phone, so I put my brand new Samsung Rant to great use. I texted all day.

Gorgeous guy was being rather coy. He never offered to set up a second date, so I continued hoping he was only texting as a formality. The weekend came, and I was to spend it with Sebastian again. But before heading out to his place, Gorgeous Guy texted me and asked what my plans for the afternoon were. Since Sebastian and I hadn't agreed on a time, I told Gorgeous Guy I was on my way to his side of town, and wanted to see if we could meet up for lunch. He agreed, and thirty minutes later, we were sitting together at a Mexican restaurant.

The second date went by better. I was more relaxed and not thinking so much about Sebastian. I was able to carry on a conversation and get to know him just a bit more. He mentioned his love for sports and that he was on his way to a soccer game that evening. When I asked him if he was going with someone, he said no and asked if I wanted to go. I had already made plans with Sebastian for that night, and told him I couldn't. He suggested we go the following weekend, because another game was taking place.

The week flew by and Gorgeous Guy continued texted every so often. I managed to get some soccer tickets from one of my superiors at work, and told Gorgeous Guy of my lucky hand. He was very happy and looking forward to go.

That weekend, Sebastian wanted to take a trip out to Austin together. When I told him I wouldn't be able to because I had plans on Sunday evening, I had to come clean about what those plans were. He knew me well enough not to make plans with my mom and sisters. I told him I was going on another date with the guy I'd had bad luck with the week before. He was surprisingly very considerate. He even helped me get ready. I was..... feeling rather guilty for both guys, especially since I would be coming back to Sebastian that night.

I went out with the Gorgeous Guy and had a great time. We had a snack at his place before the game, and then headed out on his scooter for the stadium. The game was exciting, and our home team won. He was very pleased with the seats I'd been able to get us. That night, as I went back to his place to get my car, we kissed.

And then I drove back to Sebastian's and spent the night with him. I was getting some mixed feelings, but telling myself that if it was meant to go anywhere with either guy, it would become apparent soon.

The Gorgeous guy never called after that date, and he only texted once afterwards which was strange since he'd offered to take me out on a real dinner date the following weekend. When I didn't hear back from him again, I dropped him completely. I haven't texted him since.

I got back onto Plenty of Fish and started browsing some more. Somewhere along the fishing, I came across a blue eyed guy who seemed to be calm enough for my taste. We instant messaged for a few days before agreeing to meet. Since I could only meet with him on the weekends, I offered to meet up one friday night that I was free. However, it got to be too late, and I preferred to spend my time with Sebastian. The blue eyed guy had sort of turned me off with some pictures I'd seen on his myspace profile.

During the following week, the blue eyed guy and I continued chatting online. We were starting to get to know each other slowly, but there were still things that put me off. I could see developing a friendship with him to start things off. I offered to meet him for coffee one saturday morning before I would go to Sebastian's place, since they both lived in the same area.

I arrived early, and went to the bathroom. By the time I walked out, he walked in, and I was floored. He was wearing a nice shirt, and had a good hair cut. But the thing that completely caught me off guard were his eyes. His aqua colored eyes. Eyes the color of the Caribbean sea. Eyes I didn't believe could ever exist in real life.

It was hard to pay attention to half the things he was saying, but I managed to have a very nice time with him. I think it had a lot to do with being on a schedule. I only gave myself 30 minutes with him, with the excuse that I had an appointment to go look at an apartment- Half of which was true. There was an apartment, but no appointment. I wanted to see Sebastian as soon as possible.

Sebastian had called me right as I went in to see the blue eyed guy, but I never told him of the date. I knew he wouldn't get angry, or even bothered. I just didn't feel comfortable telling him.

I parted ways with the blue eyed guy, and soon after, he texted me saying I was really cute and was hoping to meet up again for a real date. I agreed and went on with my day.

The next day, he texted me asking how my day was going. We engaged in simple chitchat, when he "accidentally" put his foot in his mouth. He told me he had gone on a date with someone else that same day, but was only interested in me- which he stressed quite a few times.

Personally, it didn't bother me at all. It did flatter me that he was already "choosing" me even though we'd only met for 30 minutes, but I decided to play with him a bit more, and give him a hard time. I pretended to be upset and slowly drift away. I didn't answer his texts right away, mainly because I wasn't in the mood, because Sebastian was around, and because quite frankly, I didn't know what to say. Moreover, I really was in no situation to judge considering what I was doing with Sebastian behind closed doors.

However, things might get a little tricky now. Sebastian will help me move, but the blue eyed guy offered as well as giving me furniture if I need any because his mom works at a storage unit. I haven't accepted his offer, but am hoping things with Sebastian could possibly calm down. It hurts to hear him say things like "I have a lot more time now that I'm single. Well.... sort of single."

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  1. Your "Sebastian" reminds me of my "ex" boyfriend. Me and my ex are technically not together anymore, but we still talk every night and I spend a lot of time together.

    I know how having a semi-open relationship s difficult and at times weird.