Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Read the fine print

I used quite a few online apartment searching tools as I continued on my hunt. I knew from the past that offered $100 gift cards for finding an apartment with them.

So does
And that's where I got screwed.

You see, doesn't offer the gift card for every property, but does so for a majority of communities.

$100 no more.

When I filled out my application at the leasing office, I put that I found their property on, with the hopes of filling out their offer once I signed the lease. I was certain I'd get it. When I went back online later that day, I went to check their terms and conditions, but couldn't find their "Claim your gift card here" link anywhere. I searched some more and concluded that the site did not offer it for my property. I went on to's website and saw it staring right back at me. The $100 gift card. It was an oversight on my end.

I had just lost my new dining room set.......
my frosted table and 4 chairs from Ikea.......

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