Monday, August 31, 2009

Lease is signed!

I finally went in to the apartment complex to sign the lease. Which reminds me- I need to research renter's insurance for a different rate. The complex has their own for $15/month.

And I also need to set up water and electricity.
Wait.... isn't water allocated for the units? So that just leaves electricity for the moment.
Right? Shit. Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

So I wanted to take matters into my own hands and read the lease agreement on my own. The agent briefly goes over the first page and tells me to initial at the bottom, and I stop her and tell her I want to read the agreement on my own. That is until I realize this agreement is not your standard 7-10 pages. It's more like 20-25. So I read the first 5, and then I notice I've been there for about 30 minutes and I really need to get home to take my sisters to their parent-teacher orientation. So I start skimming over the next 15 pages, and come across some verbiage that I don't understand and make a star next to it so I can ask the agent to explain it to me.

Another fifteen minutes pass and I'm "done." I take the pages and ask her to review the section about lawful entry (do they give a notice?), pest control (how often do they come by?) and fire extinguishers (are they in the apartment units?)

She seemed a bit peeved that I'd played "big girl" and taken matters into my own tiny hands. I did feel a bit foolish for taking the pages away from her, and not able to finish them all. But I personally don't feel comfortable hurrying off to sign something I haven't fully read. Or understood for that matter.

On move-in day, I need to pay my first month's prorated rent of $416.
And then the sweating begins.
Especially now that the situation at my work seems a bit unstable and is forecasting an insecure future.

W. T. F. did I get myself into?

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