Saturday, August 29, 2009

You're gonna get a good laugh out of this one

So I'm supposed to meet the blue eyed guy for an early dinner at Chili's on the Beltway and I-10, the one that's right on the College campus. I ask him if he knows where it's at and he doesn't say he doesn't and agrees to meet at 5. Since I'm closer to it I'm there in a few minutes after work. He calls me and tells me he's in traffic but will be there soon.

He calls me back to ask me if I'm talking about the San Jacinto campus and I'm thinking "What the hell is he talking about?" So I tell him "of course not- it's the HCC campus right off the beltway and I-10; what address did YOU put into your gps???" And he says "I didn't. I just put the intersection in and I'm over here"

So I ask "Which way are you going?"
"Uh.... east."
"You're supposed to be going WEST"
And this doofus says "but if I do, I'll be going in the opposite direction- further away."
I tell him "Do you know where Memorial City is?? You do realize that the Beltway is a LOOP and there is an east side and a west side where the 10 and 8 meet??"
"Uh no. I didn't know that"

This guy has been living in Houston since he was 7!!!!!! How can he not realize that? I gotta admit that I was rather vague when I told him "Beltway and 10"- but Why The Hell didn't he ask before leaving?? Normally he'll ask for the exact address and now I understand why!

So when I realized he was on the opposite end of town and it would take him more than 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to get to the restaurant I told him we'd just have to reschedule because I had to be home early.

He said he was really sorry and felt really bad. He even called me right back to ask me if I was at the Chili's on Mason Rd. (in Katy) At that moment, there was no point of telling him which way to go if he couldn't even tell me where he was.

But I was OK. I don't like him all that much- and it's not because of this- but just because I don't feel any sparks. I think Sebastian's constant presence in my life is what keeps me from falling for this guy. Normally I'd be sooooo pissed but Sebastian keeps me sane, so that's good.

So there I sat at Chili's, having a Quesadilla platter all by myself because I was starving. I didn't even feel weird having dinner alone.

Go ahead- laugh. I give you permission

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  1. He is good looking and directionally challenged. I guess you can't win them all! lol