Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LADIES: I need your help please!

My male colleague told me that his cousin's doctor had prescribed her a pill so that she wouldn't get her period during her honeymoon because she had calculated that it would come right around that time.

As you may remember, I'm going to Europe next week, and I'm getting my "monthly statement" right smack in the middle of my vacation. What a bummer.

I called the pharmacist who said I could try Seasonique and get my period every three months. When I told her I was already on birth control, she said that as I'm finishing my 3rd week of active pills, instead of taking the sugar pills (4th week), I could start the 1st week on a new second pack and not get a period that month- though she didn't recommend it.

"Or you could get pregnant and not get a period, though I don't think that's what you want," she said

"Yeah, ok you don't have to say that" I told her.

So as she cracked this joke, I took her less seriously and finished the call. I've never heard of skipping a period, or trying the 3 week thing.

I'd like to get your input before I call my doctor tomorrow morning, get put on hold and leave a message to ask her what I can do to delay or skip November's period completely.

Any information, comments or suggestions??

(I take TriSprintec, Target's generic birth control)


  1. I'm not sure why that lady did not recommend that you skip your sugar pills and start on the new pack. I personally do this a lot. My doctor has said that it is fine. I think that it would be worth your time to call your doctor and ask about doing this.

    Have fun on your trip!!

  2. Depending on what type of birth control pill you are on...you do have a chance of having breakthrough bleeding...which basically means you get a light period every day for like FOREVER! I had this when I started YAZ, because I forgot to take it a couple of days and then I had my period for like 3 weeks....It was awful. Ask your doctor!

    "If you are on monophasic pills and you skip the placebos so that you can skip your period, you will probably not have any breakthrough bleeding. If you are on multiphasic pills, you can still skip the placebo, but you have a higher chance of having some breakthrough bleeding. With both monophasic and multiphasic pills, your birth control will still prevent pregnancy if you skip your placebo week." I found this info on http://www.theguideto-birthcontrol.com. Sorry for the insanely long comment!