Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conversation between Ren and BEG

[Remember that BEG is a guy I dated for almost 2 months right after I broke up with Sebastian over the summer. We didn't have sex but went to 3rd base. Him not me. To date, he's still holding it against me.]

Ren:: WHAT else have you been up to?

BEG: Not much, just working really. You? Any dates?

Ren: Uh... what do you mean? dates? like new guys?

BEG: Yeah. or original ones.

Ren: Noooooo

BEG: What's with the long nooooo?

Ren: No new guys. You were the last one! lol

BEG: Yeah. I'm so amazing I kind of ruin everyone else. I understand.

Ren: Hahahaah. yeah, ok. Whatever makes you ride high.....

BEG: ;-) Thanks for letting me believe

Maybe I should finally shoot him down now for sounding so arrogant..... I hate the way he continues to make it sound like I haven't been getting some.

Ren: No, I'm with someone

BEG: Huh?


BEG: So you are seeing someone?

Ren: Yep

BEG: When did you meet him? Why didn't you just say so?

Ren: Cause I don't flaunt

BEG: But I asked. It's not flaunting if I ask.

Ren: Have you made it official with your girl? People know that she's your gf?

BEG: Yeah

Why do you still have "single" and pictures kissing your last girlfriend on your myspace  then?

Ren: See then that's straight, but with me, it was just..... what's the word.... unclear....

BEG: It was unclear or is unclear?

Ren: Vague; I haven't given it much thought. I was talking to him this weekend and I told him I had talked to my bff earlier that week, and talked about him as "my friend", and that's when he corrected me and said "You mean boyfriend."

BEG: Interesting

Ren: And I told him he had never asked, and he said "I thought it was pretty obvious."

BEG: Huh. I don't know what to make of him. How much older is he? He sounds old.

Ren: He's 27

BEG: Huh. Is he skinny or fatter?

Ren: lol

BEG: What does he do for a living?

Ren: He's athletic build. He's a computer tech

BEG: Ok cool

Ren: By fatter... you meant..... in comparison to who??

BEG: To no one. In general.

Ren: Any more stats you want to share?

BEG: I dont think you're fat I told you that. And you are very attractive. So calm down emotional girl. What do you mean by stats? Like what?

Ren: Well, since we're doing a show/tell.

BEG: What do you want to know?

Ren: Tell me about your other half

BEG:  Other half is a little strong. She's a waitress. Has quirks like me.

Ren: STRONG? what do you mean by that?

BEG: Don't know what else to tell. Three oclock :-) I can go home. Ttyl

And with that, he vanished into the afternoon.

 The next day when I asked him if his girlfriend went to school, he said no and that she was a bartender at a restaurant, not a waitress.


The following day, he suggested we do a double date. I cringed at the thought.

Imagine that much tension at a table- and neither one of our dates know anything about our past. Or at least I'm hoping his girlfriend doesn't know about me.

I said "Sure, but we can never plan with you and your work, so I don't know."

Quite honestly, I don't trust him. If he wanted to be a dick, he could easily jeopardize my relationship.

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  1. You're better off without this jerk. He reminds me of myself, so I should know.
    Really good post.