Friday, November 6, 2009

Aw..... he's jealous....

And that would be BEG.

You see, we're not dating anymore. Even though he said he'd wait for me for a while in case I changed my mind and wanted to pursue something with him, I knew I wouldn't commit to him.

So about 2 weeks later or so, he started dating someone else. Julia. I haven't met her, and I really don't want to either.

We still talk daily on Aim and through texts, but our attention spans have changed. He'll still surprise me with a "Hello" as I start my work day, but it's definitely not the same as it was before, and he "won't cheat on Julia" as he's told me repeatedly.

Is he worried that I may be a teasing threat?

Anyway, I haven't come out to admit that I'm going to Europe with my "ex-boyfriend-that-I'm-currently-in-an-open-relationship-with." I tend to keep that stuff private. The people who have noticed that "we may be an item" are the friends that have seen us out and about together.... like, for Halloween, or dining, or shopping. Or partying it up.

SO- today, I got my period! (read Plan B for details) and I mentioned to BEG that I was cramping.

BEG:  Maybe you should stop having periods, I think that helps.

Me: Yeah, but I'm glad I have one! LOL. That was actually pretty funny.

BEG: Why are you so glad you have one? LOL, have you gotten some recently ;-)

Me: Cause that's how we know we're not pregnant. It makes me wonder why some women would prefer to have 4 periods a year - heard about those pills? How will they know if they're not pregnant until it's too late?

BEG: So you HAVE! ;-) Very awesome. Are you dating the guy or just "relieving" stress?

I tried to be coy and change the subject. I didn't want to..... flaunt or brag.

ME: Huh? No comment?

BEG: How about this, just tell me if you're dating a guy or not. I'll assume the rest.

Me: Well, if I say yes or no, you'll know.

BEG:  How was it? :-) Details please.

Me: How was what? The sex?

BEG: Yeah

Me.: Painful. LOL. But you knew this already.

BEG:  True. I'm slightly jealous, LOL, I mean, I woudln't cheat on Julia but still, wish we did something before hand.

What's this I hear? Wishful thinking?

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  1. I haven't thought before about the period thing, but you're right...if you only get 4 periods a year, how would you know you were pregnant until it was too late? Of course, their logic is, if you're on their pill, you won't get pregnant, but yeah right!