Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does this.....make me "narrowminded"??

I got a message from this random dude today saying he felt we had the same interests and wanted to talk. I checked his page, which didn't seem to detail any of our similarities. He wrote:

"Want to add. Your page needs like 2 forms of ID. lol Request and I'll make good on my word of QUALITY... :) "

I'm not one to add people just for the hell of it. I don't use myspace to meet guys or "network." My friend's list is rather small, and I prefer it that way because it's more personal. I know everyone by first and last name, and if that's not the case, that's because I found you or you found me due to our backgrounds (either French or Chilean), because I enjoy what you write (this is for you Stephanie) or because we met in person and then connected through Myspace.

I responded to him with the following:
"thanks for the kind words, but unfortunately, i won't add random people to my profile. my friends are the ones i know on a first and last name basis and also due to our nationalities. sorry you don't fit the criteria. but thanks for stopping by."

Realistically, I wasn't interested in adding a stranger to my list. I did that a few times at first, and there was awkward silence cause we never said anything else past the 2nd week. I guess he got pissed, and it's not like I'm taking it to heart, but this is what he responded:

"You didn't know your real friends at first. You had to get to know them. That's silly. Same as using race for bullshit criteria. I'm mixed -hispanic and black. If that bothers you then your narrow-mindness is a weakness. Deuce"

Is it just me or was he calling me a racist? I responded saying that I had no intentions on getting to know someone who completely turns on you cause they can't accept your reason.

I'm pretty sure anyone else would have ignored it, or just added the damn jerk, but since he'd written twice, I felt I owed him an explanation. It's just that it's a scary "world out there" and I'm trying my best to weed out the crazy nutcases who innocently pretend to share the same interest.

Any suggestions for the next time around?


  1. Just don't respond at all.
    I tend to get random adds/messages and I just ingore/delete them. That simple.

  2. Oops...this guy sounds like a loon. Be careful out there.

  3. It is funny that people talk about wanting honesty, but when they get it they get mad! Some people do not know how to take no for an answer. The fact that he ended his email with "Deuce" made me laugh out loud! He is a loon!