Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh no you didn't!

I spent a total of 18 hours with Sebastian this weekend, and I gotta say I actually got a bit peeved at a few statements he made.

We went to the David Guetta Concert on Friday night, and even though I was really looking forward to it and it was GREAT music, I couldn't stand up any longer. We were there from 10:30pm until about 2:30am, without sitting down for one minute (well, unless you count the bathroom...... but wait...... I squatted there too.)  There's only so much I can take in heels, and I was in real pain.

While at the concert, Sebastian got this "awesome idea" that I needed to be lifted up to be able to see over the crowd. I was fine from where I was standing. I could see the stage perfectly. So he tries to lift me and I'm wiggling cause I want him to put me down and he says "Well, lose the 8lbs and then I'll try again"


I was already tipsy so as soon as I heard those words, tears.

The only thing that made it better was seeing David take the stage.

Then, the next day, I asked him if he could make grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, so he did. The sandwich ended up being quite salty because my butter was salted. When I told him this he said he hadn't realized it, and that he was used to cooking with unsalted butter, and then salting to his taste. When I told him it was pointless to salt unsalted butter (hence why they make the salted kind) he retaliated with "Well you wouldn't know, you don't know how to cook"

I walked off to my room saying "Well that was a low blow."

And we're embarking on a 12-day trip??

Well, as enthusiastic as Sebastian is about everything, and as sure as he is about us getting along because we do get along at every other moment, I can definitely sense we're going to bump heads at least twice on this trip. When I told him this, he said that I shouldn't be too preoccupied about it, else it'd affect the vacation. I just like to think of the worst first and be ready if it happens.....

But maybe he does have a point.

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  1. Ha, I like this guy's boldness. Then again, I'm a man. I'm really enjoying following the story of you pair.