Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He spoils me

Crap, I never thought this would happen to me. Sebastian is a charming man. He spoils me to death that it's subconsciously setting the bar way up high for future flames.

Before meeting him, it never would of bothered me to open up my own door. It's very nice at the beginning of a courtship, but not a requirement. Sebastian does little favors here, there, everywhere in between. He orders for me at the restaurant, unlocks my car door even if I'm the driver, opens restaurant doors, and asks me to pick the restaurant. He'll even pull out the chair for me to sit.

Wow....... Where did he learn this? He was a country dude! A farmer!

He'd made quite the impressive transition to the corporate world after he'd moved out of his small hometown.

When we're out grocery shopping together, he turns into my nutrionist. He doesn't let me eat foods with high fructose corn syrup or too much sodium. Well, it's not so much as prohibiting me entirely, but rather advising me not to. I've never really paid much attention to ingredients, but when I told him that I was getting headaches from soda, but couldn't figure out why, we started narrowing down the ingredients. We settled on high fructose corn syrup. It also never occured to me to check the sodium contents in a can of ravioli. We were both floored when we saw that it contained 1300mg. "They might as well start measuring them in grams at this point!" he mentioned.

About half of the time, Sebastian will buy my groceries. When he does, I tend to put less in my basket because I don't want to come off as a money hungry b*tch. Sebastian offers because he knows my income is a lot smaller compared to his, and doesn't mind helping me. He cooks most of the time, and makes enough to have leftovers for the both of us the next day. I remember the second time that I hung out with BEG, we ended up going around the mall and finishing up at the Target that was connected to its wing. I hadn't yet moved out and was buying some home furnishings. As soon as we hit the register, he blurts out "I'm not paying for that!" It completely caught me off guard.

Did you hear me asking for you to?? WTF do you think my expectations are?

I like my men well groomed. BEG was always overstressing about not having shaved, and not having clean clothes to impress me. At first it didn't bother me, but then I realized that I was more attracted to guys with a clean outward appearance. BEG's couture consisted of jeans, beat up boots and a black tshirt, whereas I'm dressed in office attire and stilettos. Somehow, it just doesn't balance out. I pleaded with him to get rid of the cap,which he did, but he was always scruffy and had dirt under his fingernails. A polo shirt here or a flannel shirt there would have been nice.

One time, he went in to carress me and ran his fingers through my side to which I let out a painful "Ow!" When I asked to see his fingernails, he said "It's probably my cuticles. You've never dated a laborer before have you?" I replied with "Nooo," to which he added "Yeah, you've only dated office people huh?

It was true. I'd never been attracted to the rugged look. At one point, Sebastian decided to let his hair and beard grow. I liked it a lot. He looked completely different- like one of those explorers out at sea, but without the wrinkles. But it's something that grew on both of us and got used to. I wouldn't have looked at him twice if I'd met him that way. I'm not one for facial hair- especially when it's fairly new and feels like sandpaper on my lips.

It's a problem that will haunt me though. I half expect the dates to open up doors, and I purposely stop in front of one so he can open it for me. I've been spoiled to expect the guy to pay for the check if he was the one to invite. I'll spring for the movie tickets, snacks and outdoor activities and events like concerts or comedy shows.

When asked what I'm giving in return, I say "a boost to his ego."

Is that enough?

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