Friday, October 30, 2009

I support his ranting

I support Sebastian's rants but only because they're negative and about his ex-wife; I'm all ears and paying close attention to find out what he truly hates.

"My wife told me once that I wasn't fun. Then I realized it's not that I wasn't fun, it's that I didn't like her and I wanted to make her life no fun. Ren, she was a [EXPLICIT] [EXPLICIT]" said Sebastian.

"And now, I hope it blows up in her face. I don't want her to be happy. She doesn't deserve to be happy. I was never happy with her. " he said.

"Never ever? Not even once?" I asked

"Hmmm..... maybe 3 days, and that was it. I think the only reason why it has lasted so long with her current guy is because they've never spent more than 3 days together (he's off in Iraq). And I think that's the only way she can function. Because when she spends longer than 3 days with anyone, she just goes batshit crazy. I wasted 2 years of my life with her. She's nice right now, and she'll continue being nice until she gets what she wants. He has the money."

"The biggest remorse I have is this debt between us, because at this point it's the only thing that keeps us on speaking terms still. And the trip to Europe will make the repayment take just a little bit longer. But it is SO worth it.

"Oh, I'm sorry it's going to take you even longer to pay the debt back." I said.

"Ren, Ren listen to me. It's Europe. I am SO glad to be going on this trip"

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