Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is he....... gay?

So Mr. Gorgeous Guy has appeared back after a few months beeping low on the radar, and it's gotten me thinking. I first initiated the conversation the day of my breakup with Sebastian asking him of his plans to attend the Muse concert in mid-March. Since then, it's been a text here and there every once in a while, but nothing to get my hopes up. I've decided that I won't make a move if he doesn't.

So the day of the concert, I text him and he says we should meet up after the concert for a beer. I tell him ok, but seeing as to how I got a ride from someone, I really couldn't. However, my phone died out on me, and I couldn't text him back until I got home after the concert. I got a message asking me if I was at the bar, and I explained to him what happened. The next day, I wrote on his wall on Facebook just chit chatting about the concert, and he responded with "I had fun..." blah blah blah and "we should do something next week."

I know he's not one to really follow through with plans, and neither am I, so I don't check up on him at all. Earlier this week as I'm thinking about him and our "attempted" plans, I get a casual text with "hola." We engage on some weak convo and he tells me he's going to Utah for a business trip. Today, I text him asking how his trip went, and get a missed call with a voicemail from him telling me a bit about it. He asks to call him back to talk, and I call him maybe 30 minutes later when I have free time. We just engage in simple convo about his plans for the year, travelling and getting published in a magazine next year for engineering. Wow, great job and that's really good I tell him. Then he asks me "So when are we hanging out again? So we can talk in person instead of over the phone."

I'm a bit surprised and think to myself Wow, this is.... out of the ordinary, though a little expected I guess, but whatever....

"Well, I guess whenever you can. Like, I guess tell me when you're free and we'll see if we can meet up" I tell him.

"Well, I'm free Tuesday and Wednesday" he tells me.

I tell him I'm free on Wednesday and he plans to keep his schedule clear for that day.

"Yeah, and you should come to a soccer game with me!" he explains.

Ugh..... well..... live sports event aren't my thing, even though I had fun with you last time.

"Yeah, I guess" I answer weakly.

Fifteen minutes later, we say our goodbyes as I go and venture off on to my book.

Later in the evening, I notice he comments on one of my posts, which is rather strange seeing as to how he never comments on anyone else's. So I decide to venture off onto his photo album where he has literally a thousand pictures of his trips and events with him and friends, and don't find a single picture of him and a hot girl.... like... making out, or you know. All I see are really good friendly faces and a lot of drinking and travelling either by himself or his male roommate. However, I do remember him showing me a picture of a girl he dated when I went to his place last year when we were "dating."

Then, I decide to check his info profile just to satisfy my curiosity and see what he's "interested in" and it's not there. It leaves me dumbfounded. I mean... I met the guy on a dating profile. We kissed, but it was I who made the move, and since then, I haven't really seen girls in the picture. I did see his status change a couple of months ago, but a few days after I commented on it, the status was gone. I was confused.

I'm not chasing this guy. We don't have much in common, and the only thing he's good for is arm candy cause the guy is hot. However, I have had.... sort of... bad luck with "handsome" men in the past- wherein that they turn out gay a couple of years later.

Could my gorgeous guy be gay and still be closeted? I mean, no guy that hot should be single, unless he choses to be, or as they say "looks only get you so far" and he's lousy in relationships.

I guess I'll have to get him to open up about that quicky relationship he had earlier this year and explain that to me.

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