Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We make music

I was on campus yesterday for my Tuesday evening classes when I found out my 7pm lecture was canceled. Seeing as to how I was technically free and dressed, I texted Gorgeous Guy to ask him if he was free, to which he called me back right away.

“I’m just getting out of the gym and I’m really hungry. Want to get something to eat? Say, Mediterranean?”

Ugh. I just ate, but… that doesn’t mean I have to eat a handful. I wouldn’t mind just sitting down and…. talking. Eek.

He gave me directions and we met at a Greek place about 15 minutes away.  I admit we had a few awkward silences and moment lost in conversation, but it was a casual meet-up after our last (and awkward) hangout back in September.

I managed to get him off the topic of soccer and asked him about his relationship stint earlier this year which had disappeared just a few days later on Facebook.

He laughed and said “Well, it was more of her pushing the status change. I guess it’s important to some people. If all my friends know I’m dating someone, I don’t need to announce it on Facebook.”

Guys just don’t get it!

“Things just moved too fast between us. It was almost like she moved in cause she was always over and spending the night. I mean, it’s not that I’m against it, it was just…. too soon for me. She was walking around in her pajamas and she was…. kinda butch; she was broad shouldered, so I was kind of scared she’d one day scratch her balls or something” he said.

This sent me into a laughter.

“She just turned me off. I don’t know how else to say it. I didn’t tell her that obviously, but my friends know” he added.

So he likes the feminine woman I see….

Nearing the end of our dinner, he asked if I was up for anything else, to which I replied “Uh, I guess. What did you have in mind?”

Well, I can let you listen to our band’s music. We’ve got some new material” he said.

Oh that’s right… I forgot he’s a bassist for a local band.

“Yeah sure” I replied.

With that, we went over to his place where I met his roommate who high-fived me, and his girlfriend as they were on the couch eating dinner.

We went into his room and listened to music and he then decided to play along on his bass to one of their tracks.

He then got out his keyboard and started messing around with the controls making all different noises and sounds with instruments. I came up next to him and started hitting keys also until we somehow decided to make a loop track to “All my friends know the low rider.” It was actually pretty entertaining.

This entire time I’m thinking it’s nothing but two people having clean fun (yes, it still exists mysteriously) and once it got past midnight, I decided to leave seeing how sleepy he was getting. He walked me out to my car where he gave me one of those awkward hugs like, he's going in for the kiss, but I'm brushing it off completely by nuzzling my head against his chest.  He suggested we hang out again and I told him to find time in his busy schedule and give me a buzz if he ever was available. I asked him if he was free Saturday late night to catch a showing of RHPS; he said he would be at a soccer game but would call me either way to let me know if he could make it. With that he leaned into me and kissed me!

I was surprised that he made the first move, though I was half-expecting us to part ways with a smooch on the cheeks or whatever seeing as how he’d been coyly caressing me as the evening wore off.  We smiled as we hugged one last time and I left back to my place.  Early on, I’d decided against making the first attempt seeing as to how I wasn’t sure if this was a date.  I guess I know what to expect for this weekend!

I managed to go on a date without realizing it.

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