Friday, July 23, 2010

"Text" Speak

Early last week, as I was coming out of my Pilates class at the gym, a guy walking next to me stopped me out in the parking lot. He asked me about the Yoga class and asked how it was. I gave him some basic information related to the class and he continued asking me more. It didn’t occur to me until I asked him “Wait, did I say Yoga? I meant Pilates” and he said “Oh, I don’t know” that he was actually trying to pick me up.

He asked me if I was single and when I said yes, introduced himself as Jeff. We shook hands and asked me if I’d be interested in going out and if I could give him my number. Completely caught off guard, I did the unthinkable- I gave it to him. He texted me shortly after with "Nice meetn u this is jeff"

Ren: A little awkward but ok

Jeff: I thought u were beautiful so wanted 2 talk to u

The next day he wrote me: gmorn sweety

I’m sorry but, I did not go to college to speak like I did back in middle school. I didn’t respond but got another text later in the afternoon: "Would u like 2 do somethn 2nite"

ARGH! It’s actually aggravating for me to read text speak. I sometimes can’t even understand and the point is lost! I replied saying that I was busy the whole week.

When I didn’t hear from him the entire week, I figured I was off the hook once again. Wrong! On Monday, he surprised me with “Howz ur day goin”

At first, I couldn’t remember who the texter was, so I wrote back asking “I’m sorry, who is this?”

I definitely was not prepared for the next text I got 20 seconds later:

I busted out laughing. Seriously? Man, how cheesy.

I suddenly remembered then wrote “I think you have the wrong person” hoping he’d let go.

“Its jeff from the gym i sent u some pics so u wouldnt forget bout me” he wrote

Any guy who will not include his face but instead his body in a picture is simply idiotic to me. Just goes to show you he doesn't have a "pretty face" and would rather show off his tiny torso instead (he was my height, about 5'5"/165cm). That and the ghetto text lingo just turned me off.

I replied “Um… no thanks. Take care”

He surprisingly didn’t text back that last time…..

Aw, what a bummer!

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  1. Oh man. Guarantee you you will keep getting random, creepy texts from this dude for YEARS. I know the type, unfortunately.