Friday, August 27, 2010

Chile, be strong (Fuerza Chile)

Earlier this year, Chile, the land where my entire family lives, suffered from one of the most powerful earthquakes in history. The 8.8 earthquake shook violently for nearly 90 seconds, and was followed by multiple tremors in the days and weeks after, with the  most powerful aftershock measuring 6.9.  At the time, my family in Texas was very concerned because we didn't have contact with any family member there. It took a couple of days for my brother to make himself heard, but overall, everyone was ok, and no one in our immediate family died.

Earlier this month, a gold and copper mine suffered a collapse, causing 33 miners to be trapped beneath the earth at approximately 2300 feet (700 m.) Over two weeks later, the first sign of life came through a pipe with the message

"We are alright in the refuge the 33 of us"

I can't even begin to tell you the euphoria we all felt knowing that 2 weeks later, the miners were alive, and most amazingly, all 33 were still in good health.

Time will test their strength as estimates have come through saying it will take up to 4 months to drill the hole, half a mile down, to reach them and pull them out one by one.

(Yahoo's article here)

Vamos Chilenos!

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  1. It sucks that they didn't get the attention that Haiti did.
    But I'm sure that Chile don't need the celebrities to help them out.