Thursday, September 8, 2011

The number is wrong b*tch!

I was set to leave to California for a week on vacation to visit my dad, friends and cousins. The day after I arrived on the west coast, I noticed "Unknown Caller" on the caller ID. A short while later, a new voicemail:

"Hey Ren, it's Joshua. I just wanted to call on check on you and see how you're doing. I had an amazing time with you last night. I thought belting out, screaming out 80's songs out on that back patio was one of the most fun I've had in a long time. I really enjoyed that. That guy was great, wasn't he? Anyway, I'm just thinking about you, and wanted to see how you're doing. I don't know why this message is so long. [laughs] Bye. I'm at the gym by the way. I did make it, I just got here late."

My mind started wandering off.

WTF? He totally just got the wrong Ren from his phonebook. I couldn't help but laugh. I was thisclose to sending him a message to let him know he had contacted the wrong person, when the little devil on my shoulder stopped me.

No. Fuxk him. Let the girl think he never called her. Hahaha.

Later that night, I received another text that read "Ok we are parking at gabes and taking one car"

I texted back with "? I think you're texting the wrong person"

He didn't reply. 

As I came back from my vacation, Joshua texted me once again:

Joshua: 1:46 am: Ben has you stuff. I hope you are ok and I am so very very sorry.
Ren: 5:06 am: Thank you for the help.
Joshua: 6:30 am: Wrong Ren lol! Oops.
Joshua: 8:04 am: Wait this was the right Ren my mistake!

I could tell he'd been drinking. Not that it was anything new....

A few days later I stopped by Ben's apartment to pick up my things. My heart raced as I drove through the parking lot, hoping that I wouldn't see Joshua's orange Mustang parked out. (He was always at Ben's apartment)

Ben said "Sorry it took so long to get your stuff back. I kept telling Joshua to bring it with him but he would forget every time."

I played nice "It's OK. I'm glad I was able to get it back, and thank you for helping out."

And with that I walked away.

Ben had "accidentally" deleted me from Facebook and sent another friend request soon after. I pretended not to see it, and ignored it.

The next day I texted Joshua for the final time:

Ren: I was able to get my stuff back from Brian yesterday. Thanks again.
Joshua: Np, I hope you are doing well Ren. I am again sorry for how I acted. Maybe one day we could be friends.

Mmmh... fat chance on that one asshole!

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