Friday, September 2, 2011

A second First Date

I had made plans to get together with the It Pilot on Tuesday to watch two episodes of Weeds that I had missed. However, that night just happened to be Chile's match against.... whoemver,  for the Copa America (soccer tournament) and I wanted to watch it with my friend. Actually, my Gorgeous Guy friend I'd dated some time ago and had last swapped spit with the day after Halloween. It wasn't exactly a date..... per se.... but, I was always open to seeing this stud.

Ren: Hey, I won't be able to come by today. Does tomorrow work for you?
Pilot: Hot date? :-p
Ren: There's a soccer game tonight I want to watch- Chile vs. Peru. I forgot about the schedule. So are you okay with tomorrow?
Pilot: I see how it is...
Ren: Are you... on your period?
Pilot: YES! DAMN IT! :p ... no I told you I'm open all week.

The next day, the IT Pilot texted me early afternoon to confirm about our "non-date" (or was it a date?)
I was actually beginning to feel sick and could sense a cold coming on. I'd woken up with a terrible sore throat that morning and had some nasal pressure as well.

Ugh... if I cancel again, he's probably going to think I'm playing hard to get. But I really don't want to get him sick if we're gonna be within reach of each other. What to do... what to do???

Ren: No, I'll be there. Just text me your address again.
Pilot: Wow... already forgot where I live?
Ren: I have some errands to run, so I'll be there around 6:30.
Pilot: K... wanna order a pizza or Chinese? Or go somewhere?
Ren: Let's go somewhere.

I showed up at his apartment on time, and I greeted him sans hug. I don't know what happened, but the hug motion just didn't jump out of me. I did notice he went to extend his arms, but as I stood there frozen still, he pulled the stretch move.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner and had a fun time. We didn't talk about Joshua, and focussed rather on his work and school, which he said he'd be taking a 6-month break from after this period was over. Once we were finished, the waitress put the check in between us to which I joked and said "Seems like she thinks I'm taking you out."

"No, I think she figures there's no way a girl like you can be with me, and we're just friends" he said.
"What do you mean a girl like me? Like, you're too good for me?" I asked.
"No, try that the other way around. Like you're too good looking for me" he added.
"Yeah well it didn't stop you from dumping me the first time around" I teased.
"Yeah...." he trailed off into a silence, looking embarassed.

We went back to his apartment to watch Weeds as we'd planned. We each sat on opposite ends of the couch, and watched the show intently. After the first episode ended, the IT Pilot scooted over closer to me and put his arm around me and started running his fingers through my hair. We had a good evening, and when the second episode was through, I got up to leave. He came up to me to give me a hug goodbye and asks me "So do you think we can keep hanging out?"

I give him a confused look like, what changed? I sort of mauled the thought in my head, and after an eternity replied yes. Standing there in each other's arms, he leaned in to kiss me. We made out for a bit, and then he walked me out to my car and said "I missed you" as he's hugging me.

I look at him and say frankly "That's all your fault right there" to which he replies "I know. Major fuxk-up."

I get in my car and drive home. The hopeless romantic in me would say that he realized he made a mistake, but I just think he got jealous of Joshua. They both talked shit about each other to me. Joshua was always asking me about the IT Pilot, asking if we'd talked, and the IT Pilot asked me if we were dating. I know now that he was looking at my Facebook posts and pictures.

The next morning, he texted early asking how my morning was going- something he hadn't done since Part I of our relationship two months earlier. We made plans to get together again on Friday, to which I packed up clothes to stay the full weekend.

Hmmm... I smell something brewing.... and it's a little something called beer!!

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