Thursday, February 24, 2011

I stalk you on OkCupid

I stalk with the attempt to feel better about being single. You see, there are different time frames when being on a dating website define who you are.

When I see a guy I dated as being "Last Online: Today -7:20 am," I feel great. That means he's still single and looking first thing in the morning before going off to work.

When I see a guy "Last Online: Yesterday -- 11:20pm," I know he's lonesome and bored.

When I see "Last Online: Today -- 1:59 am," I can sense a hint of desperation, especially if I remember he works first thing in the morning.

Even though I just recently hid my profile, I can remember that I used to be careful about who I checked out and what time it was. Being online at 7:00-10:00 is safe. It means the guy has a life outside of a dating website, probably went to the gym, cooked dinner and is watching TV. When I see someone that dumped me, on at 2:00am, I like to think of him as the picky one who couldn't be satisfied.

What's even greater is seeing your ex-bofriend, Sebastian, last online "Yesterday" when his status on OkCupid is "Seeing Someone" and "In a Relationship" on Facebook for the past two months. It just proves to me he's nowhere near ready for commitment (as BEG previously mentioned some time back.)

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