Saturday, February 26, 2011

The loudest Sex

The loudest sex I ever had happened to be in another guy's bed with a frame. I normally end up having sex in my own environment, because I don't have to worry about going home that night, next day etc. When I moved out of my parent's house, I decided to leave behind my wooden frame, with the intent of upgrading to a more "mature" set.

So Sebastian and I went to Ikea to check out the designs. Of course he didn't fail to show me the set he'd purchased with his ex-wife, and of course he didn't forget to mention that it wasn't sturdy and that they'd broken it during a sex session. Really? Can you be any more indiscreet? Jerk....

I came across a frame similar to this design, and felt the need to test its sturdiness. I hopped on the bed, and while no one was looking, I bounced up and down to get a feel for the way it moved on its legs. "Hmm, it seems pretty durable. Try bumping it from the side" I told Sebastian. He went to the end and shook it vigorously on the feet frame. A young couple nearby laughed quietly.

I thought about it long and hard, and envisioned myself having sex on the bed. And it didn't look good. I'm afraid it'll break....

For this reason, I have opted out of the bed frame, using only the box spring and the mattress in my bedroom. I'm scared of notches on my walls....

Since then, the guys I've shared a bed with have had the same setup as mine- no frames to dent any walls. Nate had a brand new set, but made out of thick oak which was perfect- (My parents have the same thing, and that thing won't budge)(Yes, I've gotten down in their bed, you read that right.)

When I met with one of my conquests, we started off slowly in his bed until it turned into rhythmic thrusts... that made the particle wood creak louder and louder.

"Omg it's loud!" I told my date, to which he completely ignored it. After 20 minutes of full-on thrusting, I couldn't take it anymore- I was embarassed. I could imagine the neighbors next door hearing all of it.

"Don't you worry your neighbors will hear it?" I asked him. "There's no one next door" he said. "What do you mean? Is there empty space between the walls?" I asked again. "Yeah, there's no wall" he reassured me. I couldn't believe it. Even if he didn't have neighbors next door, I'm pretty sure the ones downstairs had an earful.  When I left his place the next day, I looked outside to see if what he'd said was true- was there really a gap between the buildings?

No. There wasn't.

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  1. I, too, have my box spring and mattress on the floor. Bedsteads are just so loud. And I know that I'm easily distracted, so, like in your story, when I'm having sex and it's squeaking...I just can't give it my full attention which sucks.