Sunday, February 20, 2011

The shortest relationship ever

Oh man, I really do not want to have to write about this, mainly because it feels like a damn slap in the face. But to remain true and honest to my dating life (and readers) I have to suck it up and face the shame.

While I'd gone back for another round on OkCupid, I'd messaged Mr. Anime, and we seemed to hit it off rather well. Granted that he was the one doing much of the talking on the phone, we did manage to talk for at least 4 hours each night before we met up on Saturday at an oriental mall.

He was paler than I expected, but had the most breathtaking eyes... blue, and pupils grossly dilated which appeared to give him dark eyes instead. He looked just like Jared Leto.... without the eyeliner. I was charmed....smitten and completely intoxicated. He was very softspoken, and what I mean by this is that he spoke very, very softly.... If anyone could chime in on this behavior, they would assume he was gay because he was gentle and delicate, and took long strides as he walked. I admit I was very impressed and very much intrigued.

We hung out at the mall for about an hour, catching a photography expo along the way, when we simply came to a halt and had no impending plans for the rest of the afternoon. He asked if I was hungry and invited me back to his place where he'd make something to eat. A cook? Don't mind if I do!

We went back to his apartment, and while I watched something on TV, he cooked pasta. He had a nice smile, seemed generally chipper and was very very nice. As the evening progressed, we watched a few anime shows and even played on the Wii. I was enjoying my time, and he was too.

We began cuddling on the bed, where things took a turn for the... well..... you can guess. I pushed on the fact that I didn't want to have sex on the first night, and he was of course understanding, but that didn't mean we couldn't experiment "alternatively." So we went at it, had my jollies, and I ended up spending the night, knowing full well he had to go into work for a few hours the next morning.

The next morning, he woke up around 6:00 am and got ready for work. I remained in bed, dozing off, while he made himself breakfast. 15 minutes later, he comes to see me and says "Don't go anywhere, I'm making you something" with a beautiful smile on his face. He came back and presented me with french toast (which I'd mentioned to him a few days prior.)

Wow.... I think I may be in lust...

Mr. Anime offered to give me a key to his apartment to sleep in while I was at work, whaaaa.... your key? but I told him I'd be going back to my apartment to take a shower and get dressed instead. We left at the same time, and I headed on home to rinse away the "sex."

I texted BEG and we talked for a while.

BEG: So it went well?
Ren: Went pretty well. I spent the night, and then just got home cause he had work this morning and I didn't want to stay there alone.
BEG: Interesting. So he cooked you dinner, and ice cream and you spent the night. Did y'all do anything?
Ren: Uh yeah... Ren 5, Him 0 though.
BEG: Why him 0?
Ren: Cause I orgasmed and he didn't.
BEG: Why didn't he though I guess is what I'm asking.
Ren: Oh cause I gave up. He said it took him a while, and I got tired.
BEG: Gotcha. Maybe he takes Ritalin or something...

A few hours later, Mr. Anime called me and told me he was home again. I finished getting ready and went back to his place where we continued hanging in. I can't exactly remember now what we did for the rest of the night, but if you guessed that we had sex, then you guessed right. A very long session. With coincidentally, no grand finale on his end.

What the hell.....?

Seeing as to how he lived a mere 4 miles away, I decided to spend the night again, and wake up early in the morning to go get ready for work at my apartment. Later that evening, I called him again and went straight to his place after work. We hung out again, and did our business where 40 minutes later, I started experiencing a bit of pain.

Why hasn't he come yet??

I looked at him and asked frankly- "Why aren't you coming?". In between thrusts he looks at me and comes to a halt. 

"Um, well.... I'm actually on medication...." he said.
"Medication? For what?" I asked.
"Um... depression" he answered.
"Oh I see" I responded.

A few hours later, I tell BEG about my newfound discovery- "You're right about the meds. Not ritalin though, but for for depression."

I ended up spending the night at Mr. Anime's for the rest of the week, repeating the same routine and going back to my apartment in the morning to get ready for work. I remember going out with a group of friends on Friday night, but not hearing from him at all. The next day, I texted him to see if there were any plans to hang out. I didn't hear from him for a few hours, and I dreaded the worst.

Crap... I'm getting dumped.... Prepare yourself for the "He's just not that into you" excuse.

A few hours later, Mr. Anime texted, apologizing and saying he'd been out at work (to which he doesn't take his phone) and had dropped off a friend back home. He felt that we didn't have much in common and that he wasn't interested in a relationship based mainly on sex.

Well hell. "He's just not that into me" then. F*** what did I do wrong this time??

I texted my friend who said "Wow... why did he spend so much time with you and then decide that?"
"My thought exactly" I replied.

So 7 days after we'd met, it was over. I felt like such a fool.  I felt like perhaps the online dating thing wasn't really in my favor for the time being and that I needed to stop.

A few days later, I'd gone back to OKCupid to look at his profile and see if he'd been active, and there they were- Changes-Edits-Revisions- to his profile. The one that stood out the most was:
  • I find a petite or athletic frame the most flattering. And lastly I tend to prefer shorter women who are around 5" although I'm not sure yet why lol.<I'm average, 5'5">
I felt like that last one had been directed straight at me. Ouch. 

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