Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I know we'll talk again

My friend Wes and I "broke up" again a while back in late January, after I'd expressed my concerns for being scared of his demeanor. Upon hearing this, he blew up and sensed that I wasn't being completely honest and wished me good luck with "whoever he is."

Damn, this f*cker gets me every single time. How does he do that?

It was indeed true. I had just begun dating Mr. Anime/Leto's Twin and was juggling my possibilities. I was hoping things with Mr. Anime would progress so that I'd have an excuse to back away from Wes, but when things didn't quite work out as I'd envisioned, I got lonely and reverted back to Wes.

Wes wasn't quite that pleasant at first. I'll admit it- I got bored, and I texted him back, but I didn't get a response back for about a week or so- with him bitching about wanting to be left alone and that "WTF do you want from me? Your choice not mine..... you wanted it, you got it" etc etc deal.

I know we're not on the best of terms right now, but I know we'll end up coming back together eventually. I can just feel it.

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