Friday, July 29, 2011

The Lost Condom

The IT Pilot and I met up again to go out and see "The Hangover" and have drinks at O'Neill's the weekend after he came back from his trip to Alabama with his friend to visit their parents. We had a relaxed night, and considering that it was a Sunday night, the bar was pretty calm. We talked about music, discussed the movie- "Your password is Bologna1?"

We went back to his apartment, and settled into bed. We began kissing, and slowly positioned ourselves to have sex. We were having sex and as he came, that's when it happened. Even though he wears a condom, he still pulls out as he's coming. I had another guy (Tiny Penis) who did that, and it annoyed me, but as he came, I am glad that he did.

He looks down and says "Oh shit. The condom came off." "What??" I exclaimed. I had previously told him that I have a tendency to squeeze so hard that the condoms got lost inside me- which is exactly what happened this time around. It had only ever happened with Sebastian (a few times.) I told him "You're going to have to play doctor and reach in and feel for it to pull it out."  With a confused look on his face, he says "What? Me pull it out?"

"Uh, well yeah- I can't pull it out myself. I can't reach that far" I explained.

He went in and felt around, with a perplexed smile on his face and finally managed to pinch it and pull it out. What a relief.

Oooh which reminds me, I need to go in for my pap smear soon!

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  1. I guess he'd feel more embarressed if it wasn't too far back. Must've been a romantic moment post-sex. he he