Thursday, July 14, 2011

The introduction of the IT Pilot

I continued my exploration of OkCupid, sending out messages to a few guys here and there, making small talk. When it comes to online dating, girls definitely have the advantage; the ratio has mainly been in our favor.

I came across a picture of a guy with a soft smile and calm expression on his face. I read his profile, and as soon as I read Muse and Deadmau5 in his list of music tastes, I was sold. He'd moved from Alabama to Houston about 5 years ago (just as I had from California) and had been exploring the city on his own. He worked in IT (always a plus) and also managed to pilot planes (a double plus). He didn't smoke (a requirement) and he was in school and living on his own. He looked a bit geeky-ish in his pictures, and I was definitely attracted by it.

I broke the ice with a reference to music, and we began exchanging messages for a few days before he called me and we set up a date for the upcoming Saturday. Since I was at my mom's in Katy for the weekend to take care of my sisters, he decided to come out to my side of town, about a 40-minutes drive, and met up for drinks at Wild Wing around 9:30pm. Conversation started alright. I could tell we were both sort of shy. I normally am not a good storyteller with someone new because all my stories involve sex, so on first dates, I expect the guy to talk more and ask me questions that I can answer. By the end of the first beer, I started getting chattier and we were talking about random stuff. At one point we talked about porn, and he seemed interested/shocked that I liked breasts and girls. He even asked me if I was bi to which I said no.

Since he had driven over from the Medical Center, he didn't want to drink too much. 2:00 am came and neither one of us was ready to go home. We still wanted to hang out but we didn't know of any after-hours. Since a bartender at Jet Lounge had told me they play music there till 6:00 I said to him that it was the only place I knew of asked "would you like to go? I know it's downtown and far and I can't drive right now, so you would be the one driving us and I actually have a curfew- I have to be back before my mom leaves to work at 5:30 am." He thought it over and said "yeah let's go!"
The ride felt never-ending. I normally don't feel like the distances are far but damn, I could actually feel the miles on the counter. We show up at Jet Lounge and well f*ck- it's closed. I'm thinking "Oh shit. We drove all the way out here for nothing...." and he says "Well, we can go back to my place- I live in the medical center- 10 mins away......."

So we take off and I ask him "You normally take your dates back to your place on the first night?" he thinks about it and laughs and says "No, actually this is the first time."

Damnit!! Am I just too easy??

So we go back to his place, take a shot of PatrĂ³n, and then get stupidly giggly and just continue talking on the couch while the tv provides background noise. We're just conversing and I'm laying down on him as he looks down at me and pulls me in for a kiss. We have an intense make out session, laugh and talk in between breaths until my alarm goes off. "Damnit- It's time to go" I say.  We're both bummed out and he drives me back the forty miles to Wild Wings to pick up my car. My mom calls me around 5:30 just to make sure I'm coming home.

He drops me off at my car and we're just hugging it out and he says "I want to see you again next week- and I mean before the weekend" so I'm like "Yes, I do too."  Of course we didn't make plans because I'm still on cloud 9 and I can't think straight. We part ways and I text him to let me know when he gets home safely. I pass out at home, and when I wake up later on I see his text "I'm home. :-) had a great time... talk to you in a few hours... sleep needed. ;-) "

Sooooo overall I'd say date was a success. WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX cause obviously I'm still on my period but even if I wasn't, I wouldn't have. I like this guy. He's coy and teased me while we were out and I felt really comfortable with that. And even though we were both drunk, it wasnt awkward and I didn't feel horny or felt the need to jump him. I did feel the need to kiss him at the bar, but it was too soon for that. I don't want to rush it. I'm interested in getting to know him and he didn't make any sexual advances (other than slapping my ass when I was laying down, but that's no biggie) so overall, he was a gentleman.

We recalculated the last time he had sex- even he didn't realize it had been since August of last year.
Damn. Poor guy.

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