Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Single Life

I continued living the "single life" while I spent my nights away from the IT Pilot. Since we hadn't made anything official, I knew it was all fair for me to hang out with my girlfriends at clubs since he wasn't into the scene.

One night, I met up with one of my girlfriends and her acquaintances at Pearl Bar. I happened to run into a guy (James) that I'd dated about two years ago for a short while. He has a Chilean girlfriend now, and I'd been wanting to meet her for a while because he'd been talking her up. He invited me out a few times with her but I couldn't make it. We even went out for drinks about a month ago to catch up since we hadn't seen each other since we'd dated.  Anyway, that night at Pearl, he happened to be there with her, and I tell him I want to meet her. She comes around a short while later and I'm really chipper and everything and I say "Finally I get to meet you!!" and the first thing she says is "Oh were you guys planning to meet here?"- in a snappy attitude.

I'm like, WTF.... ? She hardly said more than two sentences and she was just a bitch! She said she was bored and etc. and wanted to head out. Now I remember why I don't like to meet or get along with other Chileans my age group. They're f*cking assholes and stuck up b*tches- WITHOUT FAIL every single time.

My girlfriend, who is referred to as "Slut Monster" (because she falls in love and sleeps with a new guy every week, and is a major Lady Gaga Fan) met a new guy and they seemed to hit it off pretty well. I mostly played third wheel, but I was okay with that because I don't like to meet guys at bars. Most of the time they're drunk and unable to have coherent or intelligent conversations. Plus, I wasn't going to make it thru my second beer cause I needed to drive home, so I stopped drinking and just sat there, keeping them company.

Anyway, the guy seemed very gentlemanly. He'd talk to me as well, to include me in the conversation and even asked me for permission to take her out to dinner. When he went to close out the tab, I told her not to screw this one up, and to withhold sex for tonight at least. He said he had some friends over at his place for a party, so I followed them there, but decided to leave when I got there because I was really tired. At the end he said to me "Well, I will see you soon" so that sounded pretty sincere on his part.

Of course, within the days following, Slut Monster would tell me that she had fallen in love with the "Gentleman", decided to become his new roommate, argued with him, broken up with him, and fallen out of love. I've never seen a more unstable relationship.

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