Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A drunken night

The following Wednesday, Joshua and I agreed to meet up at Pearl Bar for Happy Hour. We settled down at an empty bar, and immediately started talking about music.

"You know who this is" asked Joshua about the music that was playing.
"Um, yeah, that's MGMT" I answered.
"Wait- HOW DO YOU KNOW MGMT???" he asked shocked.
"I listen to them. My ex introduced me to them"

And from that moment on, we "clicked."

However though, the bar was extremely empty, apart from a group of 6 guys, we were the only ones there. "Let's go to Liberty Station. It's just down the street, and a friend recommended it to me." We drove over a few blocks to the next bar,  ordered more drinks, and took out a giant game of Jenga.  We continued laughing, singing along to the music on the jukebox. After one too many drinks, Joshua comes up to me, grabs my face in his hands and brings it into his lips.

Our first kiss. Completely unexpected. And he kissed really REALLY good. Despite of how drunk I was. I ended up falling asleep on the couch we had commandeered at the bar. It was near midnight, and I had work the next day. I was in no position to drive home, so of course he offered to "sleep it off" at his place, that was only a couple of miles away.  Except, we didn't "sleep it off" as I had intended. Instead, we got undressed, and he proceeded to perform oral sex on me before I could even grasp what was happening. "Stop! I haven't shaved!" I yelled out. "Honey, I haven't had sex since February. Do you really think I care about a few pricklies?" he said.

I had shaved my hooha, but hadn't shaved my legs. I usually do this to prevent myself from having sex. It never works.

"Oh my god you are so f&*^# hot!" he exclaimed as I lay on his bed.  Slowly, he took his pants off and reached for a condom. In the shadows, I saw his penis, and I nearly gasped.

Omg. He is packing I thought.

We started having sex with one of those ribbed condoms by Trojans- the ones for her pleasure? Yeah, don't try them . They suck. They literally feel like you're having sex with a WalMart shopping bag. Not even the good shopping bags from Target either.

He pumped for a good 40 minutes, until I couldn't take it any longer. It didn't seem like he was any closer to having an orgasm, and to this day, I have no idea how it ended. I do remember however that I had a couple of orgasms, so I wasn't all too unhappy.

"Ok, I gotta tell you something. I didn't come" he said.
"Um, yeah I kinda noticed." I responded

At first I was like, "Why did you tell me that? It is cause you're so drunk that you don't know what you're saying?" I later came to find out that it was because he'd been so used to having sex without a condom (with his wife) that it was going to take some time to get used to with one.

At work the next day, Joshua texted me about the plans for that night. "Screw bingo. Either come over or invite me over and let's be lazy and throw in a movie and cuddle.

I began thinking about it, texting my girlfriend to tell her what was happening. I confided in her about the shit I'd been through with the IT Pilot as well so she was up to speed about the guys in my life.

Ren: I was just thinking about it, and I guess I'm just really hesitant about it going anywhere with him. I mean, he just got divorced after 7 years of marriage, and he has a 5 year old son. THAT'S what freaks me out the most. The son that's involved. I've never dated a DAD before.
Shan: How old is he?
Ren: Looks like he turns 35 in September. I saw his phone last night cause he kept texting with the two other friends that I met at bingo. In one of them, I saw 'Wow great kisser!'

Eventually we met up for bingo along with the other friends from the same night, but we arrived too late and went out to Cedar Creek instead for drinks. We spent a few hours there, and went back to his place where I spent the night. What made me laugh was that when we were in bed that night, he asked me "When do I get to see you again?" I'm like, Dude, we're in bed right now and you're already thinking ahead?

Over the course of the next few days, Joshua continued texting, and calling me a few times during the day. It also helped that he worked freelance and had no schedule to follow. Every once in a while, he would ask me if the IT Pilot had contacted me in any way, but the answer was always no, not since we'd broken up. Things were looking up.

Or so they were...... for a while......

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