Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looking to the bright side

This week has had its downs and ups.

My dad came to visit for the weekend before spring break, and I spent most of my time at my mom's. We went to the Houston Children's Museum where the only time I managed to enjoy myself was while building racing cars out of Legos. I noticed that occupying my time with something physical took my mind off of Sebastian.

I dedicated all of Wednesday to browse for jobs online (through HotJobs, Cummulus and Indeed that Sebastian had suggested.) The only thing making its way into my inbox was automated email from the job engines giving me "tips" and "help" on looking for more jobs. Then while on my lunch break on Thursday from my part time work, I received a call from a company I had apparently applied for. The caller caught me off guard completely and asked me if it was a bad time. Since I wasn't the one driving, I said that it wasn't, not realizing he was about to embark on a preliminary "interview" over the phone.

"I have to be honest" he began, "Your resume caught my eye and I have to say you are at the top of the list. We've gotten a lot of applications for this position- somewhere around 85. But I'm not going to call 85 people. I'm only calling 4." This reassured me.

When asked why I had applied for the job, I stumbled and told him it was due to my field of work. He was very sympathetic and told me "It's okay, I've caught you off guard. Don't worry. Next question." I was lucky enough to have understood that his name was "Ray" because he actually asked me for it at the end of the call. It took me more than a while however to understand where he was calling from exactly. He asked me if I knew what the organization did and I fumbled again and told him the truth "I haven't read on the company completely, but from the website, I understand you deal with adoption and foster care, as well as counseling services." Again, he sympathized and continued with the questioning.

He asked me about my salary expectations, why I had left my previous employer, strengths and weaknesses (which I couldn't come out with any- seriously, who admits that?) and future plans.He left me with his office and cell phone numbers which I interpreted to be a very good sign.

Later that night, I went to the Muse concert with one my colleagues. I had sold Sebastian's ticket when he told me to take a friend. My other colleague wasn't able to go, so I offered to sell his ticket as well on Craigslist. A buyer quickly accepted, and I met them at Ikea to sell both tickets. I managed to make a $130 profit which paid for my ticket originally, so I went for free. It was loud, but incredible.

The following day, I had plans to go to another interview at a doctor's office that one of my previous colleagues had talked me into. Turns out they were at a seminar that day, and no one was in the office. I left my contact information and went back to finish other errands, all the while thinking about Ray and the center. When I happen to check my phone, I notice 3 missed calls. I listen to the voicemail and it turns out to be Ray from the kids' center asking me if I am available for an interview some time next week.

Ecstatic, I call him back and catch him on the road. I await for a while and he asks me when I am free to come in. "I'm available on Monday morning. Say 10 o'clock?" I suggest. "Let me check my agenda. One moment. Yes, I have a meeting prior to that, and it may run a little bit past 10, but I am available" he answers. I realize now that I could have simply suggested 10:30 to give him a breather window. But I figure if it wasn't okay, he would have suggested later also.

As for the dating front, I've updated my profile on POF, but have it hidden still. Sebastian is also actively looking. I've promised myself I won't start dating again until my heart is healed and I have a job. I don't want to be the jobless date. It just shows I don't care about myself first and would rather spend my time dating than actively looking for a job. Of course, that's different if you're in college full time, but that's me too, and I want someone to know I'm a hard worker as well.

I've done research on the adoption center, and compiled a list of questions for the interviewer tomorrow. Wish me luck. I can sense something big is about to happen!


  1. Woop, sounds very promising on the job front and Ray seems like a nice fella. Hope you're keeping your chin up Ren.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  2. My younger brother is a HUGE Muse fan - all their albums, DVDs, seen them live multiple times. The lot.

    I, on the other hand, am a big U2 fan - which ineivtably I am regularly mocked for.

    How funny it was that MUSE supported U2 last year. That wiped the smile off of his face.

    Anyway, Good luck with the job and good luck with moving on from Sebastian. "plenty more fish in the sea" and all that.