Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I paid $12.99 for a cancer bottle

I've had my eye on the Starbucks To-Go cups for a while but couldn't find them online anywhere. Some Ebay vendors were selling them for $30-40 a pop; simply outrageous! I read forums where people were saying Starbucks had only made them available during the holiday season and had quickly sold out. Another person simply suggested to check the local store to possibly find it on the shelf.

I let the idea go for a while, and was actually considering paying up to $20 to get one online if I found one.

I decided to go to my local Starbucks last week just to take a look, and found them stacked on the shelf. YAY! I paid my $12.99 plus tax, and became the proud owner of an overpriced Grande Cold Cup Tumbler by Starbucks Coffee. Oh yeah......

Earlier today, as I was reading through my Yahoo news, I came across an article about 5 Scary Cancer Questions, Answered.

One of the questions asked if we should worry about dangerous chemicals in some bottles. In brief:

"Whenever possible, give plastic water bottles a pass and sip from glass or steel containers instead (I often choose a metal commuter cup);.....and avoid plastics with the code 7 on the bottom—those are more likely to contain BPA"

I happened to turn my cup over and noticed a small "7" on the bottom.

Hmmm, well, isn't that interesting.

Cancer cups are now available online at Starbucks.

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