Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Fool's Prank

I've tried hard during the last few years to get someone good on April 1st. It has worked out pretty well, and this year, I decided to try out my luck on Matt, the ex-marine.

The reason it worked out so well was because we'd recently had sex. In his own words: "You just about killed me though. Almost chocked. Good one. Not original, but the timing played out perfectly."

And so long 'til next year's prank....


  1. So many posts for me to catch up on!

    I can't post anymore entries on my blog, blogger just deletes them.

  2. Yeah it sucks, I'm really sad.

    Thoughts have changed about Japan for the time being. Apparently Fukushima's radiation levels are higher than Chernobyl's at the moment.

    I'm gutted, I hope that I do get to go to Japan, one day and I hope that the people of Japan come through this stronger than ever.