Friday, May 21, 2010

I caved into the internet

So I finally gave in and subscribed to the internet. It's fairly cheap considering the alternatives and I plan to use it for mainly one thing this summer:

Yes, I've finally decided after two months of being let go by Sebastian that it's time for me to move onto something new. I'm optimistic about the opportunity of dating again, but it sucks having to go back to square one with someone new. It's so much work getting to that comfort level. 

7:36pm. That was the time when I made my profile on POF public again. How long will it take?

I'm not looking at profiles. It's a lot of work having to sift through all those guys. It literally feels like I'm browsing for job positions. However, I know that I'll have to be the one to make the first move because with the last 4 guys I met, I initiated the conversation.[scoffs] Men!

But in the meantime, I've been deviously teasing a guy. That guy is BEG. And the reason why we engage in "naughty" conversations is because I am bored to tears; plus, the excitement gives me a rush considering he's in a relationship. We came to an agreement. Quite frankly, it surprised me plenty. I will delve into that the next time.......

I'm back to writing. I missed you guys.


  1. We missed you too!

    Wait... Doesn't BEG have a really clingy girlfriend?! Ren you're hilarious!