Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's a backup?

I have to say my sexual demons have awoken more recently. I can see how much I've changed over the years; when I think back to all the things I said I'd never do, only to do them years later,I can't help but laugh. I feel as the more I mature, the better I'm able to deal with emotions and feelings and handle attachment issues.

Things with BEG have always been...... secretive. We've always shared "those talks"- you know, the ones you really shouldn't be having with a girl because you're already in a "committed relationship"? But with BEG, it's always been a game. I've never developed feelings for him, and it's mainly because the guy turns me off with his character. If there's a way to say something repulsive, he'll do it and not think twice about it.

This time he's in.... Singapore for work, and has been for over a month. He tells me repeatedly that he's sexually frustrated because he can't do anything about it. Somehow, we tend to gravitate towards each other to vent out.

Ren: say you weren't in a relationship with someone back home, would you still be having sex as often?
BEG: back home?
Ren: houston
BEG: oh I would have tried to of gotten it plenty of times here.  probably not as often, but idk.
Ren: no, i wasn't referring to the asian sex, but the Houstonian. do you have backups?
BEG: oh, idk, depends on if any girls will let me. Lol. I don't have official back-ups no
Ren: if only there was a "lightbulb" emoticon
BEG: what do you mean? idea?
Ren: exactly
BEG: what's the idea
Ren: "official" backups
BEG: lol, would be good to have I feel
Ren: never occurred to me before
BEG: wanna be mine if I'm ever single?
Ren: thought you'd never ask
BEG: sounds like a plan to me
Ren: agreed
Ren: hopefully you'll find me in the right mood
BEG: lol. what would a bad mood be?
Ren: not in the mood. it's not bad, it's just.... not clicking... it's not there
BEG: aw. Gotcha. so the official back up still means you have to be in the mood, how gay is that. j/k
Ren: haha. well no- the official back up means you come when i say so. pun intended.
BEG: lol. I think I can handle that

So this is what happens when you're single and bored. You devise a plan to get a "backup buddy."

I wonder if it'll ever come to materialize....


  1. Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong with Asian sex, huh?


  2. You know, I think I should clarify before it turns into a rascist issue-
    I was referring to "Asian sex" because he was clearly on the Asian continent. I didn't mean it in any other way; which is why I referred to the sex back home as the "Houstonian sex."

    Please do not take it the wrong way.

  3. I'm just joking. You could write an essay about how Asian people are all evil, and I still wouldn't care. :)

    I've always wanted a backup, not one like yours, but as in, for a partner in the future before we get too old.

  4. Are you referring to in terms of procreating?

  5. Not really. I think it's more for... holding hands, taking out to dinner, watching movies, sort of thing.

  6. I think that's a great idea; though I feel that if there is some type of physical attraction, it would eventually lead to emotional and/or physical relationship