Monday, May 31, 2010

One week later, and still no date

I'm expecting a miracle.  I don't put in as much effort as I remember doing the first time I ventured off into online dating. However, I notice I've become a little  picky and shallow of potential candidates. That being said, I enjoy the entertainment these charming guys are able to give me.

  • Dear Guy: I'm annoyed that you will only write me once every other day. Damnit, if you really want to date, step it up a little or don't write back at all! It leaves me on the fence as to whether or not you're really interested or if you're just bored.
  • Please give me more than just "hi" or "how r u." Would you be happy if I only wrote back "Fine"?
  • Screennames like dreamsnme, Splyff, and teddybear09 will just make me laugh at you. I hope you realize that it's an indication of your maturity/intelligence.
  • DON'T YOU DARE put in "average" for body type if you're 30 lbs overweight and it SHOWS.
  • Get rid of these pictures:

  • 3)

1) I can't see your face, dumb*ss
2) Your last girlfriend took that picture after you two had sex
3) I can't tell if you're gay or straight
4) "Average" body type on your profile? Yeah, more like "Average Joe"
5) I had tears in my eyes after seeing this one

And just to let you know, I am sooooo sorry if I end up back on your profile 2 or 3 times again. The first time, I just browse. The second time I'm curious. And the third time, you all start to look the same and I'm just desperate because I haven't found anyone else.

Happy Dating!

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  1. Ugh. Dating. SUCKED! I hated the guys who would e-mail for weeks and weeks and never make a move. So I'd do the whole, "Are we going to get together or what?" and they'd always put me off even longer, at which point I stopped responding. I learned that there are a few people out there who have WAY outdated photos of themselves and just hang out at home e-mailing single women!