Friday, June 4, 2010

I have a date

I have a first date on Saturday with a cute, shy, younger (24) guy I've been emailing for... wow, almost 2 weeks now. Though I admit he's not the most interesting character and BEG keeps telling me not to trust him, I can't help but think how harmful someone who can quote "The Sandlot" entirely can be.

When I suggested we watch the movie, along with The Boondock Saints because I'd never seen it, I asked which house. He asked me if I wouldn't mind meeting his mother and sister for the first time, which hints to me that he wants to go back to his mom's.


Yeah, sure, I guess that's entirely safe; it just feels weird.

Anyway, just thought I'd update on the lack of excitement I've been having this week. Maybe I'm just harder to please nowadays.....

One guy reminds me so much of BEG in the sense that he tries so hard! He seems hyperactive and even though he gives me quite a few chuckles, can't help but think how weird this guy is in real life. Plus, it doesn't help that he's 29 and doesn't want to work. He's actually separated from the NAVY and going back to school on the G-Bill. He's pretty content with the $1500 monthly allowance he gets and doesn't work. I'm sorry, but personally, his attraction level just dropped by about 30 points. He wants to meet, but I'm hesitant. He lives really far (about 40 miles away.)  Actually him and another guy are doing the same thing; the other guy does a part time waiting tables and is even more timid.

I've enrolled in summer school and will be started this coming Monday. Calculus and Computer applications. Wish me luck..... in more ways than one!

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  1. Make sure you don't make your date boring for the other person. It is meant to be fun, so let the conversation flow naturally, rather than make it sound like a deliberate attempt to know your date.