Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First DateS

I managed to meet two different guys this weekend. Normally, I wouldn't dabble with more than one guy at a time, but I've come to a point in my life where I want to spoil myself a little bit before things get too hard.

Oh who the hell am I kidding? I need to get laid.

I'd been talking to Ricky for almost two weeks before we finally settled on meeting up for dinner at a sushi bar. He was a little more "kid" than most guys I'd been with, but this isn't to say that he was immature. He was just a year younger than me and living life- going to school and working full time just the way I was. Normal right?

His pictures depicted an attractive guy with a perfect smile, but I was in no way prepared for the reality I came face to face with on Saturday. The guy was HOT.  Imagine James Franco. You know, Spiderman's friend?  Yeah, that's him. I mean, a better version of him, with a tan and great smile, but he might as well have been a clone.

We met up for dinner at 5:30, had dessert, went to a video arcade, a fountain, and a late night dinner. We parted ways at 2:30 late that night. I admit I had a very good time, but it got quiet on my end for a couple of moments a few times.  He was more than willing to keep conversation flowing, and he showed to be a great conversationalist. He mentioned “we should get together some time this week to watch The Sandlot.” Did I mention he was more on the kid side?

I had made plans to meet date #2, Trevor, the following Sunday night after spending the day with my family.  He seemed more confident, yet when I met him, he actually began extending out his hand to shake mine.

Wtf…. Seriously? I leaned in as fast as possible to greet him with a hug instead.  He didn’t look like his pictures, but not to say he looked bad. He just looked…… really different. I really don’t know what happened. We spent a couple of hours talking over a cup of cappuccino, and I sensed he was much more closed off than he appeared to be online through emails and texts even.

These guys did a complete switch on me. Ricky seemed to be the quiet, shy guy online, but ended up being the most outgoing of the two, while Trevor looked to be very confident, and was rather quiet and softspoken. Very shy and more on the nerd side. When I tried to get them to divulge about their past relationships, Ricky said he’d lived with a girl before (which meant he was trained) while Trevor had only gone on a few dates with a girl because he'd spent the last 6 years in school.


Is it possible he’s a virgin??

Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo!

The next day, I texted both to see how they would respond; Trevor actually asked me out to go to a pub on Wednesday night for some trivia that we had discussed, and afterwards to dinner. Ricky on the other hand, never set a date.

I was very surprised.

I’ve got two activities coming up this weekend and the next, and am unsure which of the two to take. My best bet would be to take one to each, considering they are completely different, but I guess we'll see how the rest of this week goes to make any final decisions about this Saturday night.


  1. :O!!!!

    And to look like that?!?! That's terribly disappointing!

  2. Might I also say that it amuses me that your 'spidey sense' picked up on his virginity beforehand.