Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That little pill is expensive

I don't know where to begin.

Last Friday, Matt, the former marine, came over to my house to hang out. I had previously talked to BEG about my plans for the evening to which I had specifically mentioned I would not be having sex that night because I was still on my "monthly statement."

"You're throwing off the wrong signs by having him come over but not expecting sex then!" he told me.

"You think?" I asked him.

"Well, what do you think? You ask him to come over late at night? Just don't have sex with him so soon. Not on the first date at least" he told me.

"Well, this is actually our second meeting. We went to dinner earlier this week. Plus, I don't think it'll happen" I reassured him.

Matt came over that evening and we hung out on the couch, me on one end, he at the other, as I channel surfed for a while before stopping on the movie "Seven." I got up to use the restroom and when I sat back down, he grabbed my legs and put them on his lap which caused me to lay down into the couch. When I got up the second time, he quickly moved right behind me as I landed on the couch, causing me to sit right on his crotch.

Smooth move......

It all happened so fast that we both ended up laying down on the couch to watch the movie. A while later, he leaned in to kiss me.

A perfect kiss.

We made out for a while, and I eventually dozzed off a couple of times during the movie. Around 2am I asked him "Are you staying over?"

"Uh, yeah" he answered casually.

"Oh wow, just like that?" I added. "Well, it's either here or I can sleep in my car" he joked.

So we went into the bedroom and continued making out and well, one thing led to another and because I wasn't bleeding anymore we ***CENSORED***CENSORED***CENSORED***

I was a bit disappointed, but it was nothing compared to the awkward moments I felt when he drifted off to sleep and left me in silence. That's all he did. Slept, woke up, and slept some more. I was annoyed, so I picked up my ipod and started messaging BEG.

Ren: He's sleeping right next to me
BEG: How did it go?
Ren: Awkward. We made it out in the living room for a long time and then came into the bedroom around 3 am to go to sleep
BEG: Why was it awkward?
Ren: Well one kiss led to a humping, and he pulled my underwear off and went in. After a bit, he put on the condom, but when he had it on, he started losing his erection. He got some of it back, but it slowly started going down. He said he was hot and very thirsty.
BEG: Weird. What is it with these guys?
Ren: So I was almost there when he just slowed down and stopped.  I asked him if he'd be up again, and he said maybe in a while. So I fell asleep and somehow woke up again and we tried again. It went by roughly the same- lost the erection, got it back etc. etc... Then when I'm about to come, he pulls out and comes all over my stomach.  I was kinda pissed. And now he's been sleeping the entire time. It was definitely too soon, and now feels weird.
BEG: I guess there is always next time
Ren: It just feels really quiet now. We're not really talking lol. I guess this is what they mean by the "morning after."
BEG: Yup, if you were at his place you would of had to do the walk of shame. LOL
Ren: He asked me later if I was on the pill and I told him no, but I'd gotten my period earlier this week. I think I might have scared him cause he just said "Oh ok" LOL. Worst dilemna, I go buy Plan B.
BEG: Yeah, that's why you don't mess around on first night. I warned you. LOL If you take Plan B, don't tell him you took it. It will either scare him off if he just wanted to get laid, or he will stick around if he likes you. It's up to you.

 A few hours later, Matt left to go to work on his side of town and I resumed the conversation with BEG:

Ren: Well, he just left. Can't help but feel like he was ditching me. He said he'd call me later. Then, before leaving, I told him I wanted to stay with him, but wasn't sure he wanted to stay with me. He said "I'd like you to come to my side of town sometime." I asked when and he said that if he didn't get off so late, he'd say tonight.  Oh and PS: tried to do it again a third time this morning and nothing. WTF??? Is it me?? Then he tells me he's starving and that's why he can't do it.
BEG: I'm gonna hook you up with my coworker ok?
Ren: Oh, let me finish- so before he leaves, he says "well don't get pregnant." So I ask him if he's worried and he says a little bit.  So I tell him I'll go get Plan B and he asks if I want the money for it and I tell him no. Then he calls me from the road and the topic comes up again and he says he'll pay half, so I'm like OK.

I think about it now and I remember there was a lot of hugging and cuddling on his part, but I was feeling disconnected because we weren't talking. And considering the events of the previous nights were barely satisfactory, I felt there wasn't much I could praise or brag about either.  Since then, Mark has called back throughout the weekend and we've continued talking, so I'm tempted to say I didn't scare him off completely.

I talked to one of my girlfriends to fill her in on what had happened and told her we were actually meeting up tonight to hang out at Ikea because I needed to do some furniture shopping and he'd offered to come with.

"Well that's pretty funny. You guys are meeting up on a date so he can give you his half for the Plan B pill!" she joked.

"No shit, that tiny pill is expensive!" I answered back.

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