Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing with Fire

BEG came back from his business trip abroad last weekend. I hadn't gotten the chance to talk to him in AIM much because I had gotten sidetracked with other tasks at work and the 10-hour time difference. Plus, my cell wasn't always connected to AIM, and he couldn't just text me to ask me to get on AIM.

Every once in a while, our conversations take a turn to the secretive side. We begin talking about our significant others, or most of the time about our sexual experiences with previous partners. In our case, it becomes a competition to see who has done the most/best/unheard of act. I actually prefer these conversations because it gives us something to laugh about in regards to one another; be it sexual innuendos, embarrassing moments or bad experiences, we're there to laugh at the other's misfortune.

However, whenever BEG is chatting and his girlfriend is about to come home, he warns me with "Julia's coming home soon, so if I suddenly disappear it's because she's here."  "Oooh, hide me right away!" I tease him. "Are you worried about something?" I ask him.

"No, but I don't think she'd like reading me saying you look really pretty in your profile picture or stuff about sex" he answered.

"Ok, fair game. What about lunch? Are we doing that anytime soon?" I asked him back.

"I don't know. It'd have to be when Julia's at work. I mean, we've always been together since we started dating. We've spent every night at each other's place, so it'd be kind of weird and suspicious if all of a sudden I told her I was going out to dinner with a girl she doesn't know" he admitted.

"So when do you hang out with your friends?" I asked confused.

"We hang out with her friends and my friends together" he said.

"Ooooh, so you're one of those couples. The ones that do everything together" I told him.

"Yeah. I've never had a bad relationship, and we've always spent all of our available time together. I guess that's why I get nervous and feel trapped that this relationship has no end."

"Well, good luck to you on that. A little time to oneself is good." I told him

Especially in your twenties- when you're most likely to change.


  1. Yeah I agree with fishy. Twerp. I wonder whether he's only dating her to make you jealous.

  2. Hmm..they spend all their free time together? Sounds like he is a clingy co-dependant - that would drive you nuts, right?

    Kitty x