Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook status updated

Yes, we have finally transitioned into the world of coupledom. Back from dinner one night, I finally got the guts to mention to Sebastian that I wanted to switch our statuses on Facebook. He gladly obliged, so while logged on, he went to edit his info, and dropped down to change status. He even went as far as putting my name down and anniversary date.

 I swallowed hard.

Do I really want every member of his family to know my full name?

The next day, he told me a colleague of his had tried her hand at flirting by coyly mentioning “So… uh… I noticed you had changed your relationship status. How long has it been?”

“Almost a year” he answered.

“Oh wow…..I had no idea” she said.

“Yeah…. I don’t talk about my private life” he told her.

That’s right- we’ve actually been dating since March of last year.

I felt we were slowly coming to an acceptance with our relationship, and that he was finally taking it seriously by updating his status. 

Oh what the hell- who am I kidding? You know very well that Facebook relationship status to a girl is one of the most important statuses she can change. He's taken! Step off! We all dread going back to "single" so when we make the jump to "in a relationship" we instantly expect a fanfare to play out in our celebration.

I wanted it so badly, and the few friends who noticed the change made the wait worthwhile.

I quickly damned myself for posting other links, statuses and photos soon after, resulting in an immediate oversight on this mother of all statuses!


  1. Congrats. And I would argue that it is a big deal to a guy too. It certainly is to me. But why do you allow Seb to hold all the cards in this relationship?