Sunday, February 7, 2010

Job Loss +7 days

Oh my dear fellow readers- the comments on one of my last post made me chuckle and happy at the same time. There was a reason why I decided to post that blog before posting this one; because in 3 weeks' time, Sebastian had changed dramatically. Needless to say, I still felt I needed to document what had happened 3 weeks ago, in case the topic came up again and you would know what the hell was happening.

Maybe it's my negativity or pessimism that I felt towards Sebastian not too long ago that made him an easy target; or maybe it was that the relationship wasn't perfect- it's still far from it. This blog initially began on shaky grounds- catapulting into independence with an open relationship with Sebastian, that turned into a semi-committed one without me even realizing it. Needless to say, I'll still be sharing the tricky situations I manage to get myself into during my adulthood.

It's been an entire week since I've lost my job and I still don't have solid leads on anything! ZILCH! I've sent out résumés, emailed 11 recruiters, signed up with job search engines, and told my friends (to try to get a word in) and I've yet to receive a call back! The only thing I've got in the works is a testing appointment with the Census Board about doing temporary work.

My old job in the meantime is keeping me afloat part time. My boss called me Tuesday afternoon to tell me not to come in on Wednesday because there wasn't enough work to be done, and my other boss wasn't in. Instead, I came over on Thursday to complete payroll and tie up loose ends with other things such as invoices, vendors, and workers' applications. I got paid for that day and left with some pride. I'm still optimistic that everything will work out, even if my bosses aren't able to give me back my old job as they REALLY hope will happen. Nope- at this point, I'm on my own.

Sebastian has been a real sweetheart lately [See the dramatic change?] Not a moment goes by that we are not able to laugh. I can sense things definitely changing between us-  for the better. He's always smiling, laughing which proves me that he's genuily happy. He also rushed to see me last week when I told him about the job loss (right at the same moment I was thinking of going to see him; fortunately we didn't cross paths) and brought me these beautiful purple flowers. My favorite color.

 I spent most of the week at his place using the internet, and helped him make meals and clean his apartment. Late on Wednesday night he turns to me and says "It's been really good having you here everyday. It makes preparing meals a lot easier when there are two people involved. Hey! How would you feel about coming over more often to have dinner ready when I come home. Eh eh?" he said with a slight chuckle.

Now Pause. I know this sounds sexist to all women, and I'm not going to lie, it did to me too- but only for a split second. "Well, if you paid for my gas for me to get up here, I'd consider it if I had an easy schedule" I told him.

"Hmmm..... hmmmm..... interesting....... I'll think about it," he answered.

Yeah that's right. It's not so easy when there are demands!

The way I see it- he's teaching me how to cook. My mom is a great cook, but I never got to learn from her. I think I just didn't really care to. Plus, she's not the best teacher; kind of like "Those who can't do, teach." Well in her case it's more like "I can, so I do" and she always ends up finishing making the meals- leaving me watching TV on the side.

Plus, if Sebastian were to pay for gas and groceries- I think I might have just scored. I'd actually have real food in my belly instead of fast food. And anyway, I see it as balanced work- he's been making the meals since we met- almost one year, so I figure it's only fair that I finally put some effort in that aspect of the relationship.

In the meantime, I'm remaining calm about the job loss and taking in as much of the positive vibes and effort that everyone is giving me.

Optimism is definitely working for me this year. That, and the funny photo ops I see around Houston:

Outside a Chinese Restaurant:

Translation- Wanted: Woman to clean tables with experience; who speaks little English is better.

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  1. Pretty Flowers! My faith in Sebastian is nearly restored!