Friday, February 5, 2010

Jealousy for the wrong reasons

[This post is a little old- approximately.... 3 weeks old. I felt I needed to post it now, before I continue with a more positive side of Sebastian.]

Sebastian texted me the other day to tell me that he had been promoted at work, which included a raise, bonus, and 2 more weeks of vacation. 2 more weeks. That's 4 weeks a year.


I was really happy for him, and knew he had worked very hard to get where he was at, but I couldn’t help but feel a smidge of jealousy in all of this.

“What am I going to do with two extra weeks a year?” he texted back.

“I don’t know; travel, or do absolutely nothing like xmas and feel great afterwards”

“Or both! Lol” he wrote back

Later that night, he called me so he could tell me with more excitement about the great news. “Looks like I’ll be able to go to Japan in September after all”


Gee, I wonder what’s going in September. Could it have anything to do with a Japanese girl getting married perhaps?

Oh you better invite me!

He didn't mention anything more, and my resentment grew deeper. Why aren't I invited? Hell, I invited him to Europe! Why can't he invite me to Japan?

I can't remember if it was later on in the conversation, or the next day, but he finally did mention the Japan trip again.... though.... I noticed he choked as he asked "Would you...... say..... like to go..... to Japan?"

Finally!! Hellz yes!

"Sure, it would give me another stamp on my passport," I said unaffected.

"But could you afford it?" he asked.

"Well, I have enough in savings now. I don't know about next year, cause I'll be using that money for school- so if anything, I'd rather travel this year" I answered

"Oh well, we still have a lot of time to talk about that. I mean, I'm not even sure if I'll be able to go" he concluded.

Huh, interesting. So did he just "offer to invite" because he thought I wouldn't be able to go? Did he do so because it would be more appropriate to ask, never in a million years thinking I would actually consider it?


  1. Sometimes I get angry just reading your (excellent) posts. Am I allowed not to like Sebastian?

    Check out my latest post - I finally bedded a girl. Sort of.

  2. I haven't been a reader for long, but I used to kinda like Sebastian, I sympathized with him after his young divorce and could understand some of his behaivour. Lately he seems to be a bit of a bastard towards you I think you can do so much better, I hope he's not planning to run to Japan to try and stop this girl's wedding.