Sunday, September 6, 2009

She's getting married!

In the last few days, I've been thinking back to some of the conversations Sebastian and I have had regarding his past; i.e.: the exes.

Sebastian mentioned that he wanted to take a vacation somewhere. Japan. And my stomach turned over. Yeah.... I know why you'd want to go out there. And don't even think of making me believe that it's to see your friends. It's pretty obvious it's to see your Japanese ex. He was madly in love with her, and to this day, I still have to hear "I should have married her." It's evident he never really got over her- because she was perfect.

You know, I wonder if he ever brought this stuff up with his ex-wife at the time they were married. I never bothered to ask.

So he continued talking about taking a trip, when he mentioned he wanted to go to France, and out of the blue he says "Would you go with me?" To which I pessimistically answered "Sure." "Really?" he said. "Yeah. I'm overdue anyways. We could go during Spring Break. That'd be good timing. " "And visit surrounding countries too. Oh that'd be awesome!" he added enthusiastically.

All I could bring myself to think was how much I wished that damn Japanese ex had a boyfriend (if she didn't already) or would get married. It would definitely give him closure, right?

Sebastian calls me one day after work like he normally does and unwinds about his day at work. About 30 minutes in or so he calmly says "I found out that my.... ex.... ex......"As soon as I heard "ex," my eyes rolled and I was about to take the bluetooth out of my ear when he concludes with " getting married." I quickly calculated in my head and knew that the "ex-ex" was the Japanese girl.



So it may not mean much for us again, but that should control him for a few years right? I mean, divorce is bound to happen. Hell, it happened to him, so why not her?

"Oh well, congratulations to her" I said blankly. "Yeah, I wished her the same thing" he answered.

Would that be the reason why I saw that he had logged into his Plenty of Fish profile and updated it? (You can find this out by adding a person to your favorites. It shows the last time they were online.) That was quite the blow to the stomach. I was mad and deceived. Hurt and pained. He said he wasn't ready to date, but updated his profile anyway.
Quite suddenly, BEG didn't seem so unattractive after all....

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  1. This is too much lol!
    there's just something about those japanese...