Friday, September 11, 2009

I am an American Citizen

-Breaking News-

It's official! Today, I am an American citizen!

I headed over to Sebastian's last night with some dinner from Tan Tan's (one of my favorite Asian restaurants.) My appointment was over in his neighborhood today, so it was simpler to review the last bit of flashcards with him last night, and drive over to the interview today. However, I was mainly hunched over a throw up bucket and covered in tissues from my horrible congestion. It was getting very hard to breathe. He quickly rushed out to Kroger's to get me some Mucinex and nasal spray to relieve the pain. I quickly passed out after the last review.

Then today, I drove over to the Department of Homeland Security office in North Houston to take my civics test and be interviewed by an officer. It went perfectly. I missed one question, but got the rest of them correctly. The officer went through my application, asking me all the questions again, and reviewing my passports for my exits and entries to the U.S.

She approved my application and told me that I would be receiving a letter to appear at the next Oath of Allegiance ceremony in late October. My father has also passed his test, but his application is still pending on his income tax transcripts, so we don't know if he'll be sworn in at the same time as me.

Sebastian must have been feeling pretty optimistic about the whole interview because he suggested once again we go to France when I mentioned low airfares online. He asked if I was up for it, and I told him I'd check to see how many vacation days I had left at work.

Bad news- I only have 20 hours.

I guess it'll have to be for next year.

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